What Should We Do This Weekend? Feb 26-28, 2016

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Do you have a toddler in the Daniel Tiger phase?  Oh my.  I have a distinct memory of getting up in the middle of the night to feed my newborn and the ditty “it’s ok to feel sad sometimes . . . little by little, you’ll feel better, again,” running through my head.  My oldest son was 3 at the time and in a major Daniel Tiger phase.  I’m not going to read into why that song was running through my head . . . ANYWAY, I digress . . . If you have a little one in that phase, you (I mean your little one) has the chance to see him live . . . There are some other fun things going on this weekend.  I learned a few new things putting together this post and I’m looking forward to trying them out!  ALSO – there’s a link for free movie tickets!

1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live at Palace Theatre

When: Saturday, February 27, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM
Location: 34 W. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215

The cartoon spin off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is a musical with lots of singing and dancing and all of your favorite characters from the show.

2.  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! at your local Barnes and Noble Store

When:  Saturday, February 27, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM
Location:  all Barnes and Noble Booksellers

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by making your own Cat in the Hat hat, pinning the tail on Horton and enjoying a special story.

3.  The Bubble Lady at the Franklin Park Conservatory

When:  Saturday, February 27, 2016
Time:  11:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Location: 1777 East Broad St., Columbus, OH 43203

The Bubble Lady entertains with unbelievable bubble creations!  Free with admission.

4.  The Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show at the Ohio Expo Center

When:  Saturday February 20 – Sunday, February 28, 2016
Location: 717 E 17th Avenue Columbus, OH

The Home and Garden show is going on and there are two events on Saturday tailored to children that you might want to check out:

12:00 PM See Animals from The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium – “Get up close and personal with a selection of animals from the zoo. Learn more about their habitats, what they eat and how they act.”

3:00 PM Dr. Insecta’s Bug Lab Experience “Ready to get bugged? Children and grownups will get to meet the stars of the bug lab stage show, including Rhonda The Roach, Morticia The Tarantula and Darth Vader The Scorpion. Get ready for a close encounter of an insect kind.”

5.  Crafts for Kids at Lakeshore Learning Center, Polaris 

When:  Saturday, February 27, 2016
Time:  11:00 – 3:00 PM
Location:  2148 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240

Children ages 3 and up can create a “Fantastically Funny Fish” for free!  No registration required.

6.  Kids Dream Winter Film Series featuring Pan

When:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 26, 27 and 28, 2016
Time:  10:00 AM
Location: Marcus Theaters, two locations:

Crosswoods Cinema
200 Hutchinson Ave.
Columbus, OH 43235

Pickerington Cinema
1776 Hill Road North
Pickerington, OH 43147

Admission is only $3.00 to see favorite family movies.  There are also concession specials.  You can get free tickets to the show by visiting an American Family Insurance agency – OR there is a link on the website above  (or here) to print FREE passes – no catch!

7.  Ohio’s Birthday Party at the Ohio State House

When: Sunday, February 28, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 3:00 PM
Location: 1 Capital Square, Columbus, OH 43215

Free, family-friendly event celebrates Columbus’ 213th birthday!  Includes crafts, tours, a scavenger hunt and a birthday surprise at 2:00 PM!


*Please be aware,  information is gathered from multiple community sources.  Times, dates and locations are subject to change. There may be a fee to participate in a featured activity.  Please call ahead to confirm activities.  Enjoy what you do today!*

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What to Expect After Spending 10 Consecutive Sick Days at Home with Your Kids (it’s not pretty!)

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  • There will be lots of tears, mostly yours. Sometimes those tears will happen at the dinner table when it sinks in that you will be doing all of this again tomorrow.
  • Your household will be in a mixed state of being “dressed”. That may include one kid completely dressed and one in pajamas, or one kid in pajamas and one kid wearing jeans and a pajama top. But there will always be pajamas.
A mother's badge of honor.

A mother’s badge of honor.

  • You’ll give up trying to avoid being coughed on, sneezed on or covered in snot. The effort is futile. I advise giving this one up early just to lower your stress level as soon as humanly possible.
  • Time will move backwards. No really. Like moving backwards at the slowest pace possible. 4:45 PM will slowly creep back to 3:30 PM and that’s the exact moment when you will lose. your. mind.
  • You will become jealous of cartoon characters. “Must be nice to spend all day working on your container garden and running your own business, Kelly from Handy Manny!  Must be nice to have hobbies and friends and get up and walk around whenever you feel like it.”
Welcome to the couch...you're gonna be here for a while!

Welcome to the couch…you’re gonna be here for a while!

  • Calling it a “sick day” will become an excuse you can use for just about anything you want to justify. Want to watch TV all day? Make popcorn at 8:45 AM? Skip a bath for 3 days? Drink juice all day? Bake cookies? Cry into your chicken noodle soup? Be my guest. It’s a sick day.
Sitting at the doctor's office looking sad.

Sitting at the doctor’s office looking sad.

  • You will feel (real or imagined) judgement for having sick kids at the doctor’s office, of all places. Whose idea was it to have parents bring 2 week old babies to wait in the same waiting room with your kid who is currently coughing up a lung?
  • Motivation will hit an all time low. Like lower than low. You might look at Pinterest ideas or google something like “activities for passing a sick day” but in the end you will watch TV. And then you will get mad when your kids don’t want to watch TV anymore and want to “play” – which means disintegrate into a pile of whining and hitting and snot.
  • You will walk a fine line between letting your kids nap during the day and wanting them to be awake so they can go to bed at 6:30 PM. Expect this one to be tough. Their sleep is your only escape, choose wisely.
Feel sorry for me!

Feel sorry for me!

  • Your kids may be sick but, I’m sad to say, you will feel most sorry for yourself. Yes, this selfishness is embarrassing. Your kids might be crying and miserable…. but you will be sitting there next to them on the couch, staring out the window, wondering what it would be like to be a mail carrier, walking out there in the real world, by herself, thinking clear, uninterrupted thoughts . . .
  • You might forget what it feels like out there in the real world. Expect shock upon reentry. Especially if it is sunny. It will feel like FREEDOM!! It will feel like the world is new and amazing and every person you meet is your best friend. You will smile at strangers and let people out in front of you while driving. You might even enjoy going to the grocery store with your children and sing along to the music overhead.  Even Miley Cyrus songs.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Anyone else have one to share?!

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What Should We Do This Weekend? Feb 19-21, 2016

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This weekend I’ve included events for all ages, especially things the whole family can enjoy together!  February is halfway over and with some warmer temperatures in the forecast, I’m feeling hopeful for spring!  I hope you find something fun to do!

1.  Columbus Winter Farmers Market at Whetstone Community Center

When: Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: 10AM-1PM
Location: 3923 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43214
“You’ll find plenty of smart choices this Saturday February 20th at the Columbus Winter Farmers Market. Our hours are from 10am-1 pm and is held at 3923 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43214. You will find plenty of great Ohio Proud products such as seasonal vegetables, baked goods, eggs, honey, pasta sauce, maple syrup, jams & jellies, meats such as chicken, ground beef & pork, breads, herbal teas, remedies & body care. You’ll find something for everyone. This weeks entertainment will be Folk Ramblers featuring home town boys Bill Cohen & Carl Yaffey.”

2.  Family Rewind at Studio Movie Grill

When: Sunday, February 21, 2016
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: 175 W. Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-456-1298
“Every third Sunday of the month at 2pm SMG invites you to rewind back in time to share your favorite childhood movies with family and friends for just $3 per ticket. You’re never too old to feel like a kid again! Join us February 21st for Princess Bride.”

3.  13th annual Columbus Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Ohio

When: Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: Costume contest – 1:00PM, The Plunge – 1:30PM
Location: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, 4850 West Powell Road, Powell, OH 43065,  **Enter through the Polar Gate entrance under inflatable arch.**
“The 13th Annual Columbus Polar Plunge. Participants obtain monetary pledges and jump into the frigid waters of the Polar Plunge Pool. All proceeds from this event help Special Olympics Ohio provide year-round sports training and competition opportunities to more than 23,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Through successful experiences in sports, Special Olympics Ohio athletes gain confidence and build a positive self-image which carries over into the classroom, home, job and community. The Polar Plunge is a fun and exciting fundraising event that brings the community together to support and raise awareness. For more information about Special Olympics Ohio and the 2016 Columbus Polar Plunge, please visit the Special Olympics Ohio website at www.sooh.org.”

4.  Read with the 4-H PetPALs!

When:  Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: 3PM-4PM
Location:  Parsons Branch, Columbus Metropolitan Library, 845 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206
Phone: 614-645-2275
“Meet, greet, and share a story with therapy dogs trained by 4H PetPALS!”

5.  Watch Frozen on the big screen!

When:  Saturday, February 20, 2016 and Sunday, February 21, 2016
Time: 10AM and 4PM (both days)
Location:  COSI, 333 West Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-228-2674
“This winter bring your family to COSI to see family-friendly, popular Hollywood movies on the National Geographic Giant Screen. With classics like Toy Story to new favorites like Frozen, there is something for every movie fan. Each weekend features a different film with shows at 10am and 4pm on the dates listed (February 6 show is at 4pm only). Tickets are just $5 per person for Members/ $6 for Nonmembers, available in advance through cosi.org and at the door (sell-outs are possible). Duration 100 Minutes : Rating: PG”

6.  Hubbard Lantern Festival

When:  Sunday, February 21, 2016
Time: 3PM-6PM
Location – Hubbard Mastery School, 104 W. Hubbard Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 365-5564

 “The Hubbard Lantern Festival is coming up this Sunday, 3pm-6pm! We hope you will join us for this free festival! We will have a lion dance, origami, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, a Martial Arts Demonstration, a song by Mrs Taylor’s Kindergarten class, you can learn to make wontons, we’ll have several craft stations, and come see what the art class has been working on! Food trucks will be on site with food available for purchase.  Come see the gym transformed!  This event is free and open to the community!

7.  Jackie & Me, Columbus Children’s Theatre, Performed at The Garden Theater

When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 18-21, 2016
Time: Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 1pm and 5pm, Sundays at 3pm
Location: The Garden Theater, 1187 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: 614-224-6672

“Ten-year-old Joey Stoshack has a special power. Whenever he holds a baseball card, he can travel through time! When he gets an assignment to write a report on a role model, he uses his powers to travel back to 1947 to meet the legendary Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player in the major leagues. Joey plans on writing a prize-winning report, but he never plans on a trip that will forever change his view of history.  2 Act Play, 85 Minutes, with Intermission. Recommended for ages 7+.  Produced in collaboration with Short North Stage.”

As always, you can check my Upcoming Events page for even more things to do!

*Please be aware,  information is gathered from multiple community sources.  Times, dates and locations are subject to change. There may be a fee to participate in a featured activity.  Please call ahead to confirm activities.  Enjoy what you do today!*

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