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25 Things to Pack for a Successful Trip to the Splash Pad

You guys, a trip to the splash pad feels like a major outing!

We explored several splash pads last summer and have begun the tour this summer as well. This is the first summer my boys have actually enjoyed getting wet! I shared in my post about the awesome splash pad/park combo in Delaware that I didn’t even pack any extra clothes or swim suits for the trip because they normally hate to be splashed in the face! They actually ventured closer to the fountains than I expected that day!

We had an outing planned with some fellow mom-bloggers to the Powell splash pad last week and based on my Delaware experience and the fact that my kids have also recently begun to enjoy running through the sprinkler at home, I decided I better be prepared on this trip!

Even though I felt like my 4 bags were packed with everything I could think of and I was even able to produce a band-aid on demand for a friend, I still felt like I had missed a few things. My kids’ sandals were drenched and they had to wear them to our next destination. As a result, the dry socks I was so proud of myself for bringing were quickly just as soaked as the ones they took off. (Ok, side note. My kids insist on wearing socks and sandals through the water . . . most of you probably don’t have this problem! LOL!) Their towels for drying off were drenched too.

I thought I would use the “wisdom of crowds” to come up with the most complete “What to Pack for the Splash Pad” list as possible! I asked my fellow blogger friends and followers on social media to weigh in on what makes for a successful trip to the splash pad.

Here you go! It turns out you *only* need these 25 things for a successful trip to the splash pad:

1. Drinks

2. Snacks

  • Local Tip: A lot of splash pads are within walking distance to restaurants and snack options, but the splash pad at Veterans Park has a snack shack on site!

3. extra set of clothes for each child

4. swim diaper

5. extra swim diapers

6. a towel for each child

  • Local Tip: You can borrow a towel at the fountains at Easton Town Center on the weekends in case your shopping trip turns into an unexpected run through the fountains!

7. an extra towel, just in case

8. sunscreen

9. water shoes

10. camera

11. water bottles for each person

12. sun hats

13. tent

  • Local Tip: a tent was specifically recommended for the Bunny Fountains in Dublin because of the large green space and lack of shade.

14. water buckets

15. water toys

16. picnic blanket

17. high water fruit for kids who don’t drink enough water

18. packed lunch

19. money for a food truck or lunch

20. cups for playing in the water

21. lawn chair

22. band aids

23. extra pair of shoes

24. plastic/grocery bags for carrying home wet clothes

25. coffee

Photo provided by Hilliard’s Station Park

This list was compiled with help from Kimmi of Crazy Richards Peanut Butter, Kimberly of Little Fire Brigade, Julie of Borm & Co, Lindsay of Find Where You Fit, Eryn of 614 Mom, Helen of Diaperbag Diaries, Nina of Chaos in Mommyhood, Chelsea of Greatest Little Blessings, @emilyp103, Stacie from Little Adventures Await and Leslie of The Penmanship Lab!

What did we miss? Add your ideas in the comments!

Click on the images below for more local splash pad info!

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Amanda Drew

Thursday 26th of April 2018

Thanks for pointing out that you should bring money for a food truck when you go to a splash pad. It seems like this could be really profitable for a city to have because it would encourage people to be out and about. They'd just need to find someone who could make a splash pad for them.


Tuesday 4th of July 2017

Microfibre towels are great and pack small, this summer I am keeping one in the car at all times and it's already come in handy when we found a good wading stream.

Julie Miller

Tuesday 4th of July 2017

That is a GREAT idea! Thanks! :)