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3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Liz Miller

Each month I will be featuring a local parent who will tell us about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus! Thanks to Liz for sharing 3 of her favorites with us this month!

1. Slate Run Historical Farm

Some of my favorite days over the past 5 years have been spent at Slate Run. Located in Canal Winchester, it’s a living, historical 1880’s farm. This means people work the garden, can fruits/veggies, cure meat & raise the animals.  The idea is to create an understanding of farm life in the 1800’s. It’s free to get in & you should totally bring a picnic!! The kids are free to roam the barns & interact with the horses, sheep, pigs, cows & chickens. There is so much room to run, all under a gorgeous blue sky.  We love trying out old the fashioned stilts & hula hoops or pumping buckets of water for the garden.

2. The Columbus Children’s Theatre

I’m obsessed with taking my 3 & 5 year old the theater. The actors are kiddos of all ages. A few of the performances this season include Snow White, Goodnight Moon & James & the Giant Peach. The shows are usually just under an hour which is just right for little theater goers! We recently saw Charlotte’s Web & the highlight was getting to meet Charlotte, Wilbur & Templeton after the show. The actors mingle with the audience and offer to autograph their play bill. My kids were in heaven getting up close and personal with their favorite characters! It’s nestled in between the North Market & Goodale Park so naturally after the show we hit the market for an amazing Italian lunch from Sarefinos and Pistacia Vera macaroons for dessert!! If the weather is nice stock up on yummy eats at the North Market and walk over to the park for a picnic!!! Parking is easy at the market itself or just across the street is a parking garage!!

3. Fountainside at The Scioto Mile

Certain Wednesdays last Summer they hosted a slew of kid friendly sponsors starting at 11:30. There was gardening with Lowes, petting snakes, the Columbus Crew was there with a fun soccer activity. Not to mention Bicentennial park has tons of mature trees shading the grassy areas. Perfect for a picnic or to grab a slice of pizza from the Donato’s truck!!! The toddlers ran laps on the bridge while the big kids grumped about posing for pics. Then we splashed for hours in the amazing fountains & everyone was happy again!!!! Follow along with the Mile’s calender of events HERE!

Hello! I’m Liz over on Instagram @lizbon_j. I’m a full time working mama to 4 littles, 5 & under. The youngest are identical twins. No, they don’t run in my family & yes, I almost stroked out when I found out there were two!!! I love adventuring with my hubby and the babes. I blog over at My life currently involves navigating work, wine, swim lessons, nut allergies & pre-school/kindergarten drama while trying to sneak in an occasional date nite. I love to shop & have a serious thrift store addiction. I think Columbus is the bomb! I love our amazing libraries & farmers markets, exploring the metro parks & summer nites on a patio at Easton.