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5 on Friday: Kid-Friendly Restaurants

This month I’m sharing our personal, top 5 go-to restaurants for eating out with kids. These are our standbys, the places we know our kids will eat and it won’t completely break the bank. There’s nothing fancy here, we don’t find these places stressful to take our kids and they serve food our kids like. Plain and simple.

You’ll have to forgive me because my kids like hot dogs, mac and cheese and pizza. We did baby-led weaning and only making whole foods at home and trying to keep them (well, our first child 😉 ) from eating sugar until he was two. And they still turned out to like hot dogs, mac and cheese and chocolate milk the best. When we pay for them to eat in a restaurant, I want them to actually eat their food and that’s what they usually choose. If your kids love kale and hate chocolate, I’m jealous and this probably isn’t the list for you. 😉

1. Jason’s Deli

Two locations in Columbus.

It probably goes without saying that the best thing about Jason’s Deli is the free ice cream! 😉 It helps that all four of us also have a “real food” favorite there, too! (You know, something to eat before you get to the ice cream!) They have a decent kids’ menu and a drink is included in the price! Jason’s Deli has a lot of healthy and organic options, a great salad bar and everyone gets free ice cream!

Photo Credit: Jaden

2. Pizza Cucinova

5 locations in Columbus

I like Pizza Cucinova because, not only do we like their pizza, but it’s fast and it’s affordable! Cheese pizzas are $5 and my kids can split one. It’s great for the adults because you can choose whatever toppings you like and the salads are good, too. This is a place I feel confident taking both of my kids by myself!

3. Giant Eagle Market District, Grandview

840 W 3rd Ave., Columbus, OH 43212, 614-294-2186

I honestly think we might eat here as a family more than any other place! Of course we used to live less than a mile from the store, which is probably why, but my oldest still routinely asks if we can go here for pizza! We love it because after 4:00 PM large pizzas are $7.99 and one will (just barely) feed our whole family. There is a large seating area and we love the outdoor patio. It also helps if you fill the kids up with the free fruit and cheese samples first before the pizza. Afterwards we circle around for a cookie from the bakery! It’s a whole night out! See Cheap Family Outings in Columbus for Every Day of the Week!

4. Whole Foods Market, Upper Arlington

1555 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington, OH 43221, 614-481-3400

The Social at Whole Foods Market, Upper Arlington is definitely our go-to breakfast and brunch spot and we nearly ALWAYS get the farmer’s breakfast. The breakfast used to be $5, which admittedly, was a steal, but it’s now $7 and my kids can still share it. (I know, wait until they’re teenagers.) The Farmer’s Breakfast includes 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, your choice of meat and potatoes. My oldest also requests to come here for his birthday cupcake! See Whole Foods Market in 20 Free Indoor Play Areas in Columbus!

5. Dirty Franks West EDIT: Dirty Franks West is no longer open. The location on N. 4th St. is still open!

2836 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH, 43204, 614-947-0074

Now that we’ve moved to Westgate, Dirty Franks is our new, less than a mile away, go-to spot! The fact that it’s quite a bit larger than the downtown location makes it a more kid-friendly option! There are so many choices of hot dogs and you can also get classic favorites like tater tots and soft pretzel bites. We went on Mother’s Day this past year and they even had Nick Jr. on the TV, making it my most peaceful Mother’s Day lunch yet! See Visitors Guide to the West Side!

What’s your family’s stress-free, go-to favorite when eating out?


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Friday 8th of September 2017

We like to go to 101 Beer Kitchen as a family! They have great kids meals that are a good value for the amount of food you get, I think. Kids can choose a main, two sides, a dessert, and drink. It's like maybe $8? Plus we adults like the food and atmosphere.

Julie Miller

Sunday 10th of September 2017

Someone else told me that on Instagram! I guess that means we need to check it out! :) Thanks for commenting!