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Give Your Car a Sparkle Day with Ricart Automotive

Moms rejoice! With valet service, Ricart will have your car sparkling inside and out in no time!

Thanks to Ricart Automotive for sponsoring this post.

Ricart Automotive Can Make Your Car Look Brand New Again!

We bought a new (to us) car about 4 years ago and it had everything we wanted in a car, but there was one issue that concerned me, having two kids: the cream colored seats. I resigned myself to the fact that they were just going to get dirty, there was no way around it. And that has proved to be true. But what I didn’t know was that it would actually be possible to get them clean again!

I’ve been in a few moms’ cars that are immaculate. But let me just tell you – that is not me! I always feel like I’m carrying too many things into the house as it is. I can’t also manage to carry in trash or crumbs or whatever other random thing my kids have left behind in the backseat! 

I also let my kids snack in the car when we’re running from school pick up to the next thing, so needless to say, my car is usually a disaster. In fact my husband often says my car looks like a “boys dorm room.” Thank you very much.

I recently partnered with Ricart Automotive (where I coincidentally happened to buy my car!) to send my car away for a much needed Sparkle Day!

What is a Sparkle Day?

Ricart began offering Sparkle Days as a way to bring convenience to the busy lives of their customers at a great value. A Sparkle Day consists of a full detail including shampooing, vacuuming and cleaning the interior panels. Your wheels will be washed and shined. Your car will be hand washed with the windows cleaned (inside and out) and hand waxed!

My car was washed and clayed to remove road grime, tar, bugs and dust and the engine bay was cleaned and shined! They even cleaned out my trunk, the cup holders and all the interior nooks and crannies! I am not exaggerating when I say my car was immaculate! They did an AMAZING job!

The driver’s seat of my car was tinted blue – thank you very much dark wash blue jeans! And when Ricart Automotive returned my car, they looked brand new!

For an extra layer of convenience, you can add the pickup/drop off service for $20 each way if you’re within 25 miles of the dealership. Anything beyond 25 miles is an additional $10 each way. If you pay for the pick up/drop off, a loaner vehicle is included.

This was super convenient because Ricart is quite a distance from me and I saved about 2 hours of driving by having the pickup service! Plus I had a loaner vehicle to take my kids to school and pick up as needed!

While my car was in for its little spa day, they also checked up on some recall notices I had received and I got an oil change! Another great detail was that Ricart kept me updated on my progress throughout the day through personal text messages!

What Should I Expect After a Sparkle Day?

You guys! My car was returned to me in AMAZING condition! It looked like a brand new car! I couldn’t believe it! No nook or cranny was overlooked! The pictures speak for themselves! Take a look at the inside of my car!

How Much Does a Sparkle Day Cost?


  • Full detail: $179.95
  • Pick up/drop off: $20 each way, $40 round trip 
  • Loaner vehicle: complimentary with pick up/drop off service 

Why Should I Give My Car A Sparkle Day?

  • A Sparkle Day package would make a great gift! Think Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? I had several people respond to my before and after pictures in my Instagram stories that they wanted to give this as a gift for their husband!
  • A complete car cleaning might also be a good idea as we transition to Spring! Just as we give our houses a spring cleaning, don’t forget your car! Cleaning off salt, mud and the remnants of winter are always a good idea!
  • Are you thinking of selling your car? If and when we ever sell our car, I will definitely get it ready with a Sparkle Day! With my light colored seats, I know a deep shampoo will make the car more attractive to buyers!

How Do I Make An Appointment for A Sparkle Day at Ricart Automotive?

Want to give your car a Sparkle Day? Click the link for all the details and to schedule your service or call (614) 836-6300 to ask questions and schedule. 

Choosing a Family Friendly Car at Ricart Automotive:

Are you in need of a new (or new to you) family car?

When we bought our car a couple of years ago, we were driving a tiny Toyota Echo and were looking to upgrade in size and comfort. We were also on a limited budget. I had the help of a friend who is a car buff, but if it weren’t for that, I would have been lost! I asked Ricart to share with my readers some tips for shopping for a family-friendly car!

Top 2 Tips for Choosing a Family Friendly Car:

1. Safety First

I think it’s safe to say that as parents safety is a top priority when it comes to choosing a car! Make sure to look at crash test ratings when you begin your search!

Many newer cars have electronic diving aids such as lane departure warning, blind spot warning and adaptive cruise control with auto brake that might influence your decision when it comes to evaluating safety!

2. Don’t Settle on Space!

When we were looking at cars, I wasn’t running headlong into a mini van, but I knew that space was definitely a top priority. I had two kids in car seats at the time and, well, let’s just say that pretty much anything compared to a Toyota Echo felt like luxury!

However, when it came down to it, even some of the sedans and crossovers we looked at wouldn’t fit our large double stroller in the trunk! If you’re going to spend the money, make sure you can fit your current AND future lifestyle into the trunk or back row!

Space saving options to look for include stow-and-go passenger seating, large trunks and vehicle models that can support multiple car seats!

Best Cars for Transporting Multiple Car Seats:

Ricart conducted research to determine the best vehicles for transporting multiple car seats and offered these two vehicles as the best options:

■ 2019 Kia Sedona LX: Offers seating for 7, stow-and-go third row, removable middle console for easy third row access and a back-up camera

■ 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander ES: Offers seating for 7, 10yr/100k warranty, standard back-up camera and Apple car play/Android Auto

From buying a car to keeping it maintained and clean, I have been impressed with Ricart Automotive’s customer service and professionalism! I would highly recommend them for cleaning your car from top to bottom! Will you give your car a Sparkle Day?


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