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Indian Run Falls: An Unexpected Find in Dublin, Ohio

Indian Run Falls in Dublin, Ohio is the perfect spot for a short hike! Follow the trails to the look out for an up-top view of the waterfalls!

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring the great outdoors this summer and one of the new places we visited was Indian Run Falls just outside of Historic Dublin, Ohio! The park area is made up of marked trails, observation decks, 2 shelter houses and a pedestrian bridge.

boy on the Indian Run Trail in Dublin, Ohio

Indian Run Falls Trail

There are marked trails within Indian Run Falls Park that make for a short hike that will lead you to a couple of observation decks. If you keep walking beyond the observation areas, the total trail runs for .8 miles and ends at Dublin Veterans Park.

boy looking at the falls from the overlook

Indian Run Trail

Can You Go Creeking at Indian Run Falls?

people in the creek at Indian Run Falls

You can get close to the creek and go down to the water from either side of the pedestrian bridge. There are steps leading down to the water and many people were in the water when we visited.

pedestrian bridge at Indian Run Falls

There are many signs stating that wading or swimming in the water or jumping into the falls is illegal. I asked my Instagram followers to weigh in on whether or not creeking was allowed and I got a variety of answers ranging from “no, you will get ticketed” to “everyone ignores those signs.”

boy looking at the creek at Indian Run Falls in Dublin

We did hop across the creek on a log and there were many people wading in the water when we visited but I will say it here, for the record: creeking or wading in the creek is illegal and you may get fined.

Lately there have been many people injured after jumping off the falls. As a result, making wading and jumping illegal has been an effort to curb this unfortunate event from happening! You can read more information about that here.

boys climbing across a log over the creek

Waterfalls at Indian Run Falls

Indian Fun Falls from above

We walked the path to the furthest overlook to see the waterfalls from above. There had not had much rain before we visited so the falls and water level were on the small side.

Indian Run Falls in Dublin Ohio

If you’re looking for a great place to get in touch with nature that’s not too far outside of Columbus, this would make for a peaceful outing! Take a hike, watch the waterfalls and have a picnic in the park at Indian Run Falls Park in Dublin, Ohio! While you’re in Dublin, you can also check out one of these 5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Dublin or this list of fun things to do in Dublin, Ohio!

Know Before You Go:

Address: 700 Shawan Falls Dr, Dublin, OH 43017
Parking: a small lot is available at this address.

Dublin Ohio Waterfall

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Ohio Waterfall: Indian Run Falls