Five on Friday: Fall Farms

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A few weeks ago I published a huge list of Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals around Central Ohio, but for this month’s Five on Friday I’m featuring 5 farms we’ve actually been to! 😉 These 5 farms offer a variety of activities and experiences and we had a great time at all of them!

1. Leeds Farm

  • 8738 Marysville Rd., Ostrander OH 43061, 740-666-2020

Leeds Farm is the ultimate pumpkin farm experience! Corn bins, straw mazes, zip line, hay rides, petting zoo, pedal carts, paint guns, pumpkin jump, everything you could imagine or want is there! Besides the activities, they have a full menu in their cafe including sandwiches, desserts, donuts and apple cider slushies! Don’t miss the kettle corn popping on the back porch!

2. Lynd Fruit Farm

  • 9399 Morse Rd. SW, Pataskala, OH 43062, 740-927-8559

Lynd Fruit Farm has been one of our go-to spots for picking apples since we moved to Columbus almost 10 years ago! Most of my memories there are of being freezing cold! This year we got smart and went apple picking in September to get the Autumn Crisp apples. Warm weather and sweet apples made for a perfect trip! Lynd Fruit Farm also has a corn maze and other farm activities such as barrel train rides, a fun zone, bounce house and wagons rides. Don’t miss the large farm market and huge selection of pumpkins!

3. Orchard & Company

  • 7255 US HWY 42 N., Plain City, OH 43064, 614-873-0510

Orchard and Company offers a picturesque location for apple picking during August and September and weekends in September and October offer Fall Festival activities like wagon rides, a corn pit, hay barn, animals, pedal car track, tire climb, slides, zip lines and more! There is also a cafe and bakery.

4. Freeman’s Farm

  • 6142 Lewis Center Rd., Galena, OH 43021, 740-548-7866

Freeman’s Farm offers a more low-key Fall Festival experience. Activities include hayrides, scarecrow making, petting zoo, kettle corn and a campfire with hotdogs for you to roast yourself. Near the campfire area, you can also purchase chili, chips and beverages for a perfect outdoor lunch! There is no entrance fee to Freeman’s Farm so you can pick and choose the activities you would like to do with individual fees for things like the hayride, feed for the animals and scarecrow making.

5. Branstool Orchards

  • 5895 Johnstown Utica Rd, NE, Utica, Ohio 43080, 740-892-3989

We went to Branstool Orchards for peach picking, but you can also pick your own apples and pumpkins there at the farm, too! Pick a wagon and take the kids out to the pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin and have a picnic at one of the picnic tables throughout the orchard! Don’t miss the market which is full of local produce and Ohio made foods!

What’s your can’t-miss fall farm?


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5 on Friday: Kid-Friendly Restaurants

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This month I’m sharing our personal, top 5 go-to restaurants for eating out with kids. These are our standbys, the places we know our kids will eat and it won’t completely break the bank. There’s nothing fancy here, we don’t find these places stressful to take our kids and they serve food our kids like. Plain and simple.

You’ll have to forgive me because my kids like hot dogs, mac and cheese and pizza. We did baby-led weaning and only making whole foods at home and trying to keep them (well, our first child 😉 ) from eating sugar until he was two. And they still turned out to like hot dogs, mac and cheese and chocolate milk the best. When we pay for them to eat in a restaurant, I want them to actually eat their food and that’s what they usually choose. If your kids love kale and hate chocolate, I’m jealous and this probably isn’t the list for you. 😉

1. Jason’s Deli

Two locations in Columbus.

It probably goes without saying that the best thing about Jason’s Deli is the free ice cream! 😉 It helps that all four of us also have a “real food” favorite there, too! (You know, something to eat before you get to the ice cream!) They have a decent kids’ menu and a drink is included in the price! Jason’s Deli has a lot of healthy and organic options, a great salad bar and everyone gets free ice cream!

Photo Credit: Jaden

2. Pizza Cucinova

5 locations in Columbus

I like Pizza Cucinova because, not only do we like their pizza, but it’s fast and it’s affordable! Cheese pizzas are $5 and my kids can split one. It’s great for the adults because you can choose whatever toppings you like and the salads are good, too. This is a place I feel confident taking both of my kids by myself!

3. Giant Eagle Market District, Grandview

840 W 3rd Ave., Columbus, OH 43212, 614-294-2186

I honestly think we might eat here as a family more than any other place! Of course we used to live less than a mile from the store, which is probably why, but my oldest still routinely asks if we can go here for pizza! We love it because after 4:00 PM large pizzas are $7.99 and one will (just barely) feed our whole family. There is a large seating area and we love the outdoor patio. It also helps if you fill the kids up with the free fruit and cheese samples first before the pizza. Afterwards we circle around for a cookie from the bakery! It’s a whole night out! See Cheap Family Outings in Columbus for Every Day of the Week!

4. Whole Foods Market, Upper Arlington

1555 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington, OH 43221, 614-481-3400

The Social at Whole Foods Market, Upper Arlington is definitely our go-to breakfast and brunch spot and we nearly ALWAYS get the farmer’s breakfast. The breakfast used to be $5, which admittedly, was a steal, but it’s now $7 and my kids can still share it. (I know, wait until they’re teenagers.) The Farmer’s Breakfast includes 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, your choice of meat and potatoes. My oldest also requests to come here for his birthday cupcake! See Whole Foods Market in 20 Free Indoor Play Areas in Columbus!

5. Dirty Franks West EDIT: Dirty Franks West is no longer open. The location on N. 4th St. is still open!

2836 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH, 43204, 614-947-0074

Now that we’ve moved to Westgate, Dirty Franks is our new, less than a mile away, go-to spot! The fact that it’s quite a bit larger than the downtown location makes it a more kid-friendly option! There are so many choices of hot dogs and you can also get classic favorites like tater tots and soft pretzel bites. We went on Mother’s Day this past year and they even had Nick Jr. on the TV, making it my most peaceful Mother’s Day lunch yet! See Visitors Guide to the West Side!

What’s your family’s stress-free, go-to favorite when eating out?


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5 on Friday: Chocolate Chip Cookies in Columbus

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You guys – would you believe Friday, August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Can you even believe my luck? When I was deciding what this month’s 5 on Friday feature would be, I could NOT pass this one up! I know I already featured 5 Bakeries, and at nearly all of them I got a chocolate chip cookie, so, in an honest effort not to repeat myself too much, I took on the great hardship of trying out a few new options to add to the list! 😉

1. Fox in the Snow

1031 N. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43201

A while back, Fox in the Snow posted a picture of a chocolate chip cookie with the statement that they had wanted to add a cookie to their amazing arsenal of baked goods (oh my!) but had just not been satisfied with a recipe – until now! Well, you know if Fox in the Snow has worked hard to perfect a recipe, it’s gonna be good. Still, I was still taken aback with my first bite. I know, that is a lot of hyperbole for a cookie, but when something is hyped up in your mind and it doesn’t disappoint, that’s saying something! Give a try to their brown butter, toffee, chocolate chip cookie (sprinkled with sea salt) and I just can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed!

P.S. I never thought I would take my kids to Fox in the Snow. It’s hip, trendy and not somewhere I have felt confident taking a 3 year old. HOWEVER – whenever I have gone, there have always been kids there. (Ok, a good number of them have been in infant car seats or just a single child) but I guess it boosted my confidence because when I stopped in to get the cookie, I actually let my kids talk me into a cinnamon roll and staying there to eat on their great outdoor patio. Granted, the patio is probably better for kids than inside, but I guess the moral of the story is don’t be afraid to take your kids there – the pastries are so good they’ll be guaranteed to sit still for at least 60 seconds. 😉

2. Northstar

Multiple Locations

So, I’ve been eating the double chocolate chip cookies at Northstar since 2008, but a few months ago I saw a regular chocolate chip cookie for the first time and couldn’t pass it up. (Have you noticed yet that chocolate chip cookies are my weakness?) It was gooey and yummy and I’m so glad they have them at Northstar now!

3. Kittie’s Cafe

2424 E Main St., Bexley, OH 43209,

Ok, I’ll admit, Kitties Cafe in Bexley is a repeat. But I just couldn’t leave off my favorite chocolate chip cookie. This salted chocolate chip cookie is the first one that made me stand back and say, “Whoa!” Plus this spot is across the street from the amazing Bexley Library and next door to Gramercy Books – so you’ve got complete outing already planned!

4. Freedom a la Cart

Inside the Northside Library, 1423 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201

Speaking of another complete package, Freedom a la Cart has a cafe inside Columbus Metropolitan Library’s newly remodeled Northside Branch in the Short North! The cafe is on the first floor of the library and has a lot of treats to offer! Before I even knew I was going to write this post, I chose the salted chocolate chip cookie. Yum! Salt + Cookie is the best thing ever! Freedom a la Cart employs victims of human trafficking, giving them skills, experience and a safe place to learn a trade. Top your cookie off with a stop at the fish tank on the same floor and a visit to the kids’ area of the library and you’ve got your day’s outing done!

5. Sweet Carrot

1417 W 5th Ave., Columbus, OH, 43212, 614-488 – 7151

The chocolate chip cookie at Sweet Carrot looked so good from behind the counter the first time I ate there, but I passed it up. I had to try it out for this post so I stopped in to pick one up a few weeks ago. It was definitely yummy! I noticed a lot of other tasty looking desserts that will now get inside my head to try next! Sweet Carrot is a kid-friendly restaurant with a rabbit theme. They serve BBQ options (think pulled pork), mac and cheese and those two things together in a tasty combo! The decor inside is lots of fun! There’s an outdoor patio, too, so give it a try this summer!

Who makes your favorite chocolate chip cookie in Columbus?


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