3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Lauren Goubeaux

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Each month I feature a local parent who will tell us about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus!

Thanks to Lauren for sharing 3 of her family’s favorites with us this month – and because she’s a party planner, she’s sharing 3 of her favorite places to host a kid’s birthday party in Columbus!

There’s nothing more fun than planning my kids’ birthday parties. I know they love them and always have a blast, but let’s be real- as an event planner, I just might love it more! With having rambunctious boys, lots of friends/family, and a tiny house, I am always on the lookout for a great party venue.

Here are 3 of my favorite birthday party venues for kids in Columbus:

1. Recreations Outlet

We are frequent visitors to this place! It is a playset/trampoline/sports equipment showroom, where you can pay to play. Our favorite time to go is during their Charitable Play hours when we can get in for only $2 a kid.

We just hosted our son’s 4th birthday there in January, and it was the EASIEST party to throw! They have 2 party rooms available for rent. Each room has picnic tables and a counter to set up your food. 2 hour rentals start at $149, and include the party room and playtime for 15 kids. It was so perfect for a winter birthday because all the kids could run and play their hearts out!

2. Get Air

This is another favorite spot for our boys, and we visit at least a couple times a month. My nephew just had his 6th birthday party there last weekend. Let me tell you, Get Air knows how to execute a party! There is even a separate check-in desk for all the party guests where they pass out party socks.

They too have party rooms where you can set up decorations and drop off your shoes and gifts before jumping. They announced on the overhead speakers when it was time for our party to break for lunch. And after food, cake and gifts, there was still plenty of time for the kids to jump more! 2 hours of room rental and jump time for 10 kids starts at $199, including socks, pizza and drinks!

3. Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks

Central Ohio has the BEST metro parks, am I right?! We have hosted almost every birthday party for my July birthday boy at a Metro Park.
These are so great because the price is right (free!), and there is no limit on a guest list. The only catch is that you can’t reserve most shelter houses and picnic tables. Just make sure to get there early enough to claim your space! A few of our favorites are Slate Run, Walnut Woods, Battelle Darby Creek, Homestead and Scioto Audobon.

If you need any more party venue suggestions, custom decorations, or help with planning an event- reach out to my event planning business LACE at or follow us on Instagram @lacecolumbus!

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3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Aaron Taylor

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Each month I feature a local parent who will tell us about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus!

Thanks to Aaron for sharing 3 of his family’s favorites with us this month!

3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Aaron Taylor:

1. Northwest Library

baby at Northwest Library, Columbus, Ohio

While our family loves the entire public library system in and around Columbus, our local Northwest Library branch of the Worthington Libraries is special. Baby and toddler storytimes are inclusive and energetic. Even better is that storytime takes place in a secluded area that is decorated like a forest of fairy tales. You have to see it.

My kids love the books chosen as favorites by librarians, and they inevitably flock to the puppet play area, too. The best part for moms and dads? You can reserve books online to be picked up at a drive-up window!

2. ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

Zip Zone, Columbus, Ohio, boy on course

My family loves the outdoors, and we especially love adventure parks and ropes courses. ZipZone is our favorite because they have a course designed and reserved specifically for kids ages 4-7. Not only are the obstacles fun and challenging, but your kid will be responsible for safety on the course, too.

I can’t say enough about the sense of accomplishment and independence your child will have by the end of their afternoon at the Kids Park at ZipZone. (I have a detailed article about the experience here if you want to read more!)

3. Hoot Studio

Hoot Studio, indoor play cafe, Columbus, Ohio

While we’d always prefer to be outdoors, let’s face it: our family will spend a ton of time inside thanks to Ohio weather and winters. With a ton of options when it comes to play cafes, one we have come to love is Hoot Studio in Powell.

We are always impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and the breadth of activities. While my daughter will immediately don a princess dress to play make-believe, my older son will stack the foam blocks into a great obstacle course that will, of course, end in a belly flop on the billowy crash pad.

With plenty of tables and sofas for parents to relax or for families to eat treats and a great snack bar (Crimson Cup coffee!), Hoot Studio is a wonderful play cafe to visit for those in and around Powell. (They do amazing birthday parties, too!)

aaron taylor photography

Aaron is a father of three, a teacher, and owner of Aaron Taylor Photography, a boutique family photography experience specializing in creating custom prints and heirloom albums. Aaron and his wife, Megan, love being parents and planning a life for their family that focuses on experiences and kindness.

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3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Amy Scalia

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Each month I feature a local parent who shares about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus!

Thanks to Amy for sharing 3 of her favorites with us this month!

3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Amy Scalia:

1. Blue Monkey Party & Events

We live in Pickerington and don’t like to travel too far from home with our three kids, so this place is perfect. It’s a huge facility full of bounce house fun. There are smaller ones that are great for toddlers, and bigger ones with basketball hoops, etc for older kids.
They have toddler-specific times where there are only littles there, which makes it nice for them to get in the “big kid” bounce houses. And then Open Play nights where all ages can come.  
We also had our daughter’s birthday party there, too, and they made it a breeze. Food, drinks, desserts, the bounce house to yourself, personalized soundtrack (my daughter is obsessed with Frozen so they had that blaring the entire time and she was in
heaven), photobooth for the kids personalized with their favorite characters, and a party space are all included.

2. Combustion Brewery

This place has become a second home. They actually gave our son the cutest “Future Brewer” onesie because he had been in four times in his first month of life, which apparently was a record. 😂 We just love coming here with the kids because they have a fun area where the kids can play, a good handful of kids are always there for ours to play with, and everyone always seems to enjoy having kids around which you don’t often feel when you’re out.
They have their regular food menu (kids love their Mac), they’re attached to a pizza place next door so you can bring in food from there, and they have different (always delicious) food trucks visiting too. On the weekends they have live music and the kids love dancing the night away to it, fascinated with the musicians!

My husband and I love sitting back, enjoying a drink together (out in public like real people do! Haha!), as we watch the kids have a ton of fun! It’s the best!

3. Princess Party Productions

My two older kids are girls and oh my do they love their princesses! So I first found Princess Party Productions to have princesses come to one of my girls’ birthday parties (you can also hire their super heroes and other characters your boy might be into FYI) 
They did an amazing job – their dresses/wigs/acting were incredible, and all their characters are classically trained vocal performers, so their singing was out of this world. Then I saw that they do events a few times a year (they post them to their FB page, so be on the lookout), like Tea with Elsa and Anna at La Chatelaine, which of course my Frozen-obsessed daughter had to go to.
We’ve also been to one of their Princess Day events where all the princesses come together for a big performance and you can do a meet-and-greet with all their characters. So, this is a great group to follow for fun events to attend!

Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, launched Cincy Chic in 2007 and then Cbus Chic in 2013. She’s a mom of three (two girls and boy, all under 4!) living in Pickerington with her husband (Pete Scalia, of 10TV This Morning), who loves her wild little family, food, wine, coffee and long runs!


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