Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City is Full of Hidden Gems

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Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City is known for it’s picturesque rope bridge, scenic overlooks and unique playground!

One of the newer of the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, Scioto Grove has some unique features! Possibly the most famous is the Rope Bridge on the REI Trail. This bridge can be difficult to find if you’re not familiar with the park so read on to find out exactly where it is!

two boys walking across the rope bridge at Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City, Ohio.

Scioto Grove Metro Park also has a unique playground. It’s not your typical playground structure. This play area is made up of a rope structure and slides. It’s not safe for toddlers, but older kids will love the challenge of this play area! Don’t worry there are also swings and a round glider swing if you have younger kids with you!

This park is right along the Scioto River and canoeing and kayaking are an option here! There is canoeing access at the North and South ends of the park. See the park map here.

Read on to find out what there is to do in Scioto Grove Metro Park organized by area of the park!

Things to do at Scioto Grove Metro Park: Hickory Picnic Area

1. Fishing

At the Hickory Picnic area there is a fishing pond. There is a nice little deck on the water that is great for fishing. There are also spots along the pond where you can fish from the side of the water.

deck and fishing area at the pond.

The Overlook Trail borders the eastern side of the pond and takes you either to the canoe launch to the north or to a series of observations decks to the south.

boys along the edge of the fishing pond at Scioto Grove Metro Park.
2. Observation Decks

observation deck at the Arrowhead Picnic Area.

Follow the Overlook Trail south from the Hickory Picnic area to  a series of three observation decks.  Look out for birds and other wildlife! This trail is largely unpaved and can get muddy or wet when there has been a lot of rain.

You can also take the Multipurpose trail from the Hickory Picnic Area to the Arrowhead Picnic Area (see more info below). It won’t take you to the observation decks, but it is paved and you will end up at the same place!

Things to do at Scioto Grove Metro Park: Arrowhead Picnic Area

1. Playground

playground area at scioto grove metro park.

The playground area at Scioto Grove Metro Park consists mainly of this rope structure pictured above. There are two slides and lots of opportunity to climb! As I mentioned above, this isn’t a great park for toddlers but older kids who are a little more steady on their feet will love this one!

rope play structure and slides at the playground in the park.

tall blue slide on the playground at Scioto Grove Metro Park.

The rope structure is not the only playground equipment in the area. There are swings and a glider swing.

swings in the playground at Scioto Grove Metro Park.

2. Sledding Hill

Behind the playground and picnic area at Arrowhead Picnic Area is a sledding hill! 

3. Backpacking 

two boys playing at a backpacking site.

There are several backpacking sites in Scioto Grove Metro Park. Backpacking sites include a raised area for a tent and reservations can be made to spend Friday and Saturday nights between April and October. Make a reservation by calling 614-539-3339.

4. REI River Trail

boy walking on the REI River Trail.

The REI River Trail is a great path to hike right along the Scioto River. This path is not paved but is an easy hike. The trail begins at the far north end of the park and ends at the Rope Bridge which you can read about below. The entire trail is 1.8 miles long.

a father and son walking on the path at Scioto Grove Metro Park.

5. Observation Deck

a man and two boys on the observation deck in the park.

There is another observation deck at the Arrowhead Picnic Area. I love these peaceful decks for the opportunity they the offer to sit and observe nature. You never know what you might see!

Things to do at Scioto Grove Metro Park: Grove Lodge

1. Observation Deck

two boys looking over the observation deck at Grove Lodge.

Park at the Grove Lodge and head to the left of the lodge to an observation deck. What you see here will depend on the season and the leaf cover but it’s a nice entrance point to the REI Trail which you will read about next!

2. Rope Bridge

the rope bridge at scioto grove metro park.

One of the most unique things to see and do in Scioto Grove Metro Park is the Rope Bridge! This bridge crosses the Grant Run Creek. The easiest way to get to the Rope Bridge is to park at the Grove Lodge and take the REI River Trail south from the lodge.

the rope bridge across the creek at scioto grove metro park.

The Rope Bridge is just before the REI River Trail meets the Mingo Trail. The Grove Lodge parking lot is the closest parking lot to the Rope Bridge. 

the rope bridge at scioto grove metro park.

The path to the Rope Bridge is not paved and it can get muddy.

two boys standing at the edge of the Scioto River.

When you get to the bridge there is also a rock path crossing the creek. This would be a fun area for creeking!

stone steps across the creek.

Overall, Scioto Grove is a great park to visit with your family! With hiking, a playground, picnic areas and the rope bridge, you can easily fill a morning or afternoon with lots of fun outdoor activities!

Know Before You Go:

Address: 5172 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH 43123

There is one main entrance for the park and the road will lead to each of these areas.

things to do this weekend in columbus ohio

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Scioto Grove Metro Park

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Woodside Green Park in Gahanna is Fun for Everyone!

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Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio is filled with fun for kids with a great Nature Play Area, a traditional playground and multi-purpose trails for hiking!

Woodside Green Park is one of my favorite parks that we have visited in Gahanna! When my kids got out of the car and saw this park they were so excited! They flew out of the car and into the Natural Play Area here!

There is a lot to explore at Woodside Green Park. The park includes a couple of distinct areas. This blog post will help you plan your visit to Woodside Green Park in Gahanna!

What to Do at Woodside Green Park in Gahanna:

1. Woodside Explore and Play Nature Play Area

Woodside Green Park has a lot of great features. First is the Natural Play Area which is made up of lots play structures made from natural materials like tree trunks, rocks and wooden structures.

natural play structures at woodside green park in Gahanna.

This really unique play area includes tunnels, net climbing and play houses! It’s a really great spot for kids to use their creativity and imagination! My kids had a lot of fun playing hide and seek at Woodside Green Park!

nets and climbing structures in the playground at woodside green.

There is something here for kids of all ages and stages. Some of the structures will be more challenging for the older kids and younger kids will love playing in the playhouses and tunnels!

play houses and logs to play on in the nature play area.

playhouse at the natural play area at woodside green park.

It was a bit muddy when we visited so you may want to keep that in mind when you plan your visit. Most of the Natural Play Area was covered with mulch and pretty dry, but the area by the houses and the tunnels was pretty muddy. 

tunnel for kids to crawl through at the nature play area.

If you’re looking for more playground fun in Gahanna, make sure to check out 5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Gahanna!

2. Multipurpose Trails

This park is also connected to the Big Walnut Trail. There are a lot of multipurpose trails within the park. We took a hike on one of the trails behind the Natural Play Area to a narrow bridge over the Big Walnut Creek! Once you begin on the trail you will be able to see the bridge to your left.

a boy walking on the multi-purpose trail in woodside green park in gahanna.

This was a nice, peaceful walk on a paved path. I’m sure this path would be largely shaded in the summer. As you can tell from our pictures, we visited on a warmer winter day!

boy walking on the bridge over Big Walnut Creek in Gahanna, Ohio.

3. Playground

Woodside Green Park is also home to a more traditional playground that includes swings and a slide and lots of areas for climbing.

playground at woodside green park.

There is also a larger than life metal Cardinal sculpture, with a sign that shares some educational info about the Cardinal – which has been the state bird of Ohio since 1933. The sign also gives some tips on disposing of litter in order to protect Ohio’s animals and environment.

You can find a larger than life-sized honey bee like this at Academy Park

playground and cardinal structure at woodside green park.

4. Fishing

path and bench alongside the catch and release pond.

There is also a catch and release fishing pond in the park and a walking trail around the pond.

It would be easy to spend a morning or an afternoon at Woodside Green Park. If your kids get bored in one area, you can move on to the next and it will be a totally different experience within the same park! 

Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio

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woodside green park in gahanna is fun for everyone!


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