The Columbus Park of Roses is a Must See Destination for Summer

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The Columbus Park of Roses in Whetstone Park is a true gem of the city and a must-see destination each summer!

Red Rose in the Columbus Park of Roses

If you’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio long enough you might have a little alarm bell that goes off in the beginning of June – a reminder that it’s almost time for the roses in the Park of Roses to reach their peak! If you don’t have that little alarm bell, then what more than likely happens is that you start to see pictures of the roses float around social media and then a little panic starts to creep up that you’ve already missed it!

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, the blooming of the roses is a much anticipated event and is something that everyone in Columbus should see at least once! The Park of Roses is like a fairytale land filled with roses of every variety and color and if you happen to visit at its peak, you won’t be disappointed!

Peach Roses with a fountain in the background in the park.

Where is the Park of Roses?

Columbus Park of Roses sign

The technical address of the park is 3901 N. High St. in Columbus. You can find the Columbus Park of Roses inside Whetstone Park in the Clintonville neighborhood. Whetstone Park includes a library, recreation center, playgrounds, athletic fields, tennis courts, fishing, picnic pavilions, a prairie, a shelter house and the Park of Roses! Whetstone Park is on the west side of High Street and the Park of Roses is somewhat in the middle of the park.

What can I Expect to see at the Park?

Path in the rose garden leading to the tower.

The Formal Rose Garden is what makes up the heart of the park. However, there are some other side gardens to check out as well including the Backyard Garden, Perennial Garden and Herb Garden. At the back of the park is the Heritage Rose Garden which features roses cultivated before 1867!

herb garden at the Park of Roses in Whetstone Park

The Herb Garden features over 100 herbs and the Backyard Garden is meant to be an inspiration to all of us home gardeners giving us ideas of things to plant at in our own gardens!

The park opened in 1953 and was the home of the American Rose Society for over 20 years! The Columbus Park of Roses is now maintained by Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and volunteers from the Columbus Park of Roses Foundation. 

When do the Roses Bloom?

Red roses with a fountain in the back.

Here are a few things I learned from the Park of Roses website about when and how the roses bloom:

  • Peak bloom is typically the second week of June. (Most of my pictures in this post were taken on June 16, 2020.)
  • A cooler spring delays the blooms.
  • Above normal temperatures with normal rain will increase the frequency of the blooms of the modern roses.
  • Below average rainfall and hot temperatures will reduce the frequency of the blooms. 

Details for Visiting:

Tower in the Park of Roses

The park is open daily from 7:00 AM until dusk and is totally free to visit! There is plenty of parking available. You will see the sign that says Columbus Park of Roses at the edge of the parking lot and the actual Rose Garden is up the hill, behind the shelter house. It won’t be very visible from the parking lot!

Formal Rose Garden

Quote on a stone column in the Park of Roses

More Parks to Visit in Columbus:

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Exploring Columbus with Your Kids

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Whetstone Park Park of Roses is a Must See Destination in Columbus!


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5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Upper Arlington

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Explore Upper Arlington, Ohio with your kids by visiting one of these fun parks and playgrounds!

Upper Arlington offers us its fair share of parks and playgrounds for exploring and playing! Two of them are even connected to a library which makes for a full day outing in itself! While in Upper Arlington, check out Tremont Goodie Shop for a yummy treat or pop into Cover to Cover Books for Children!

5 Super Fun Parks and Playgrounds in Upper Arlington, Ohio:

1. Northam Park

  • 2070 Northam Rd, Upper Arlington, OH 43221

Northam Park in Upper Arlington

Northam Park was remodeled a few years ago and new play equipment was added. This is a fun, natural feeling park with soft ground and a couple  of different play areas. I love the natural elements to this park like a tree trunk balance beam and tree stumps for hopping. The play structures even look like tree houses!

Northam Park Playground in Upper Arlington

What makes this park extra fun is that it is next to the Upper Arlington Public Library – which makes for a well-rounded outing to the park! There is a large parking lot here and it is also home to the Upper Arlington Farmer’s Market during the summer and fall!

Northam Park in Upper Arlington

2. Fancyburg Park

  • 3375 Kioka Ave, Upper Arlington, OH 43221

Fancyburg Park in Upper Arlington

Fancyburg Park is a great park for kids of all ages! There are two separate play structures, one for older kids and one for toddlers. There are also a fun play houses for toddlers!

Upper Arlington Playground: Fancyburg Park

This park has a lot of mature trees and shade plus a picnic shelter! There’s a lot of green space here to run around!

upper arlington park: Fancyburg

3. Thompson Park

  • 4250 Woodbridge Rd, Upper Arlington, OH 43220

Thompson Park playground in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Thompson Park is another great Upper Arlington park to add to your list! My boys have loved playing here and it is particularly beautiful in the fall! There is a path to walk and baseball fields.

Thompson Park, Upper Arlington

This playground in Upper Arlington has a couple of play structures, ride on animals, balance beams, climbing structures, slides and a couple of infant swings!

Thompson Park in Upper Arlington

4. Wickliffe Playground (Castle Park)

  • 2405 Wickliffe Rd., Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221

Castle Park in Upper Arlington, Ohio

One of the most unique parks in Upper Arlington, the playground at Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School is affectionately known as the “Castle Park” and for good reason! Since this playground is a school playground, it is only available to the public during non-school hours.

Castle Park in Upper arlington, Ohio

There is tons of fun to be had here: tires to climb, turrets to hide in, a wooden train engine, slides and much more! It’s the perfect park for hide and seek!

Castle Park - Wycliffe Playground - in Upper Arlington

 5. Miller Park – under construction in 2020.

  • 1903 Arlington Ave, Upper Arlington, OH 43212

Miller Park and Playground in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Miller Park is a smaller playground, but it is extra fun because it is next to the Miller Park Library and a creek and ravine. This park would make for a fun morning outing if you include the library and play time in the ravine.

Miller Park in Upper Arlington, Ohio

There are two play areas here, one with taller structures and slides and a smaller area for toddlers that has ride on toys and some interactive elements. There is also a tire swing here and regular swings. 

Looking for Parks and Playgrounds in other Columbus area neighborhoods? Try these:

Do you have a favorite park in Upper Arlington that’s not listed here? Leave us a comment below!


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5 Super Fun Parks and Playgrounds in Upper Arlington, Ohio

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Exploring Delaware with Your Kids

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Just 40 minutes from downtown Columbus, a trip to Delaware includes a unique dinosaur park, cupcakes and a great children’s bookstore!

Here’s a fun day trip idea we stumbled onto a few weeks ago! I say stumbled because though I planned to go to the park and splash pad, the rest of the day was somewhat unplanned. Delaware is a 40-ish minute trip from downtown Columbus and has a super cute downtown area.

First of all, the park. As far as parks and playgrounds go, this one is awesome! I love that there is a playground (a REALLY nice one) so close to the splash pad. It’s the whole package in case your kids get tired of one or the other quickly. The playground area is covered in artificial turf – so no mud or mulch to deal with!

There is a dinosaur theme with large dinosaur prints in the sidewalk, a dinosaur slide and dinosaurs to run through at the splash pad.

There are some water tables on the edge of the playground – my kids really wanted something to play with inside them (which we didn’t have). So if your kids aren’t into being splashed, but still like to play in water, bring some plastic animals or cars to play with in the water!

Another nice thing about the splash pad is that there is a covered area for sitting. Throughout the park there were two large pavilions with picnic tables for shade and eating. There is also a snack shack.

If you followed me last summer, you might remember that my kids were not big fans of splash pads! 🙂 So I’ll tell you, I didn’t even pack swim suits – just an extra change of clothes! haha. Well, this year they proved to be a little bit braver than last so we needed those clothes! {See Five on Friday: Splash Pads here!}

After the Spray and Play, we headed downtown with no particular destination in mind.

We found a couple of bakeries and coffee shops and ended up choosing Fresh Start Cafe and Bakery. There were lots of yummy treats and Crimson Cup coffee. The boys chose cupcakes because they always do and I heard no complaints! 😉


We walked around downtown a bit and ended up at Fundamentals: Children’s Books, Toys and Games, which is a fun store for kids books and art and teacher supplies! (Fundamentals is now Beanbag Books.)


This summer, Fundamentals will be hosting a Where’s the Penguin hunt around downtown Delaware, based on the book Where’s the Penguin by Sophie Schrey! Beginning July 1, kids can search for the penguin at at least 20 participating businesses and prizes will be given away!  The Find the Penguin Grand Finale Party will take place at Fundamentals on August 4, 2017 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, during the First Friday events in downtown Delaware.

The store also hosts a story time that includes stories, music, dancing, and crafts at 10:30 AM! The next one is July 26th!

Another event they have coming up is the Summer Reading Road Trip on on Sunday, July 16th from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM which includes giveaways, costume character, author signings, crafts and activities!

I’m looking forward to returning to downtown Delaware! Does anyone have a Delaware favorite to recommend?

Know Before You Go:

Spray and Play at Veterans Park
1121 S. Houk Rd, Delaware, OH 43015

Fresh Start Cafe and Bakery
24 North Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio, OH 43015
(740) 990-0388
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday-Saturday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Fundamentals: Children’s Books, Toys and Games (Now Beanbag Books)
25 W Winter St
Delaware, Ohio, OH 43015
(740) 363-0290
Monday-Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: Closed


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