Road Trip Inspiration: 8 Ohio Waterfalls to Visit this Year

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Waterfalls in Ohio? What? Yes, it’s true! This list will spark some road trip inspiration for your next Ohio adventure!

I say it over and over again! There is a lot to love about Ohio! One thing that might surprise you is that there are actually waterfalls in Ohio. Now, I’m not talking about Niagara Falls. But I am talking about little water falls that are hidden gems. You  might have to go just a little out of your way to find them, but they’re worth the trip!

Some of these waterfalls are part of a bigger destination. (Hocking Hills, for instance.) And some stand alone by themselves, waiting to be discovered just off the beaten path. 

Use this list as inspiration for your next Ohio road trip and check out one of these 5 Ohio waterfalls:

1. Indian Run Falls in Dublin, Ohio

Address: 700 Shawan Falls Dr, Dublin, OH 43017

Indian Run Falls in Dublin, Ohio

Indian Run Falls is just a skip hop and a jump from historic downtown Dublin. A hidden little gem off the beaten path, this Ohio waterfall is nestled in a small park.

Take the Indian Run Falls Trail to the observation decks that overlook the Indian Run Falls. The entire area includes .8 miles of trails, 2 shelter houses, observation decks and a pedestrian bridge. 

These pictures were taken during a dry summer. The falls can definitely get larger than pictured here. Despite what you see in these pictures, creeking, swimming and jumping off the falls is technically not allowed here. 

A small parking lot is available.

boy in creek area of Indian Run Falls

2. Cascades at Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Address: 405 Corry St., Yellow Springs, OH 45387

The Cascades at Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Cascades are part of Glen Helen Nature Preserve, a nonprofit organization associated with Antioch College. In addition to the waterfall, there are several things to do and see within the preserve and there a few main trails to hike!

Take a good look at the map of Glen Helen and bring it with you! Don’t be tempted to park at the Raptor Center. Parking for hiking is not allowed there. The main entrance is on Corry St. and you can take the Inman Trail to the Cascades. The trail was made one way in 2020 so make sure to check the map for updates.

There are no trail markers on the path. Even though the trails are named and intersections are numbered on the map, there are no signs or numbers within the park so you have to pay close attention to where you are on the map!

Parking is available for $5 at the Corry St. entrance.

ohio waterfall in Glen Helen Nature Preserve

3. Upper Falls at Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio

Address: 19988 OH-664 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138 

the Upper Falls in the Old Man's Cave Area in Hocking Hills State Park

The Upper Falls at Hocking Hills State Park is in the Old Man’s Cave Area of the park. Take the Gorge Exit Trail (one way in 2020) from the Visitor Center and parking lot. You will cross over the bridge above the waterfall and then head down to the base of the falls. 

The Old Man’s Cave Area is beautiful no matter what the season, but fall is just breathtaking! The entire area is a moderate hike with lots of steps! Within this area you can also find the Lower Falls and Brocken Rock Falls to add to your list of Ohio waterfalls!

A large parking lot (and maps) are available at the Old Man’s Cave Visitor’s Center.

Waterfall in Ohio in Hocking Hills State Park

4. Lower Falls at Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio

Address: 19988 OH-664 Scenic, Logan, OH 43138 

The Lower Falls in Hocking Hills are in the Old Man’s Cave Area and can be seen on the Grandma Gatgewood Trail. These falls will be more of a hike to get to compared to the Upper Falls but the whole area is so beautiful! If you’re in the mood for a hike, seeing these falls will just be the icing on the cake.

As I mentioned above, Hocking Hills is stunning in the fall, but gorgeous any time of year! Here at the Lower Falls, there is a wide open area to view the falls and, when we visited, there were large logs where you could sit, rest and take in the view.

5. Chagrin Waterfalls in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Address: N. Main St., Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

The Chagrin Waterfalls in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

These beautiful Ohio waterfalls are located in downtown Chagrin Falls, an adorable little town outside of Cleveland. There are viewing areas and benches on both sides of the river for viewing this waterfall in downtown Chagrin Falls. You can also view them from Main Street Bridge. 

Chagrin Falls also offers local shopping, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, restaurants on the river and a great popcorn shop!

Parking is available around town.

Ohio Waterfall in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

6. Hayden Falls in Dublin, Ohio

Address: 4326 Hayden Run Rd., Dublin, OH 43017 

Hayden Falls in Dublin, Ohio

Hayden Falls is a 35 foot waterfall that is part of the waterways of the Scioto River in Dublin, Ohio. Follow the steps and boardwalk to the bottom viewing area to see the waterfall. This is another waterfall that will look very different depending on the amount of rainfall the area has had in recent days.

There is a small parking lot available. 

boy going down the steps to the waterfall at Hayden Falls Park in Dublin, Ohio

7. Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Northfield, Ohio

Address: 8176 Brandywine Rd., Northfield, OH 44067

Brandywine Falls is the tallest Ohio waterfall! Brandywine falls are easy to access via a short boardwalk trail. There is a parking lot right at the falls. Make sure to go to the right and not the left on the trail and the falls will be visible after a 5-10 minute walk on the boardwalk!

There are two viewing decks, both accessible from the boardwalk: one upper and one lower. Make sure to visit both! You can also go to the top of the falls from the path and see the falls from the bridge above! If you want a longer experience, take the trail to the left and follow the Brandywine Gorge Trail, visiting the falls at the end!

Brandywine Falls are 60 feet high and flow from the Brandywine Creek which extends from the Cuyahoga River. This waterfall is just one of the many sights to be seen inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio’s only National Park which covers 33,000 acres in Northeast Ohio!

8. Little Falls in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Address: 1817 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

The Little Falls on the Cuyahoga River are in downtown Cuyahoga Falls! The town has a boardwalk along the river but the falls are just south of the downtown area and behind the Sheraton Suites hotel. My husband and I stayed at this hotel a few years ago and there is a great view from the restaurant in the hotel.

If you’re not staying at the hotel, the best place to see the falls is in High Bridge Glens Park just south of the hotel. If you are walking past the hotel, don’t give up and turn around like we almost did on our last visit! You will not be disappointed with the view from the park!

Prospect Bridge crosses the river and there are a couple of benches to sit and take in the rushing water! There is also a boardwalk in the park that will take you to a lower view of the river. 

If you’re looking for some more Ohio inspiration try out an Ohio beach or one of these fun activities to do with kids all around the state of Ohio! Or plan an easy day trip one hour from Columbus or less! I firmly believe you’ll never run out of things to do in the great state of Ohio!

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5 Waterfalls in Ohio to Visit This Year

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