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Introduce Your Child to the World of Art with A Kinder Explorations Box from Wonderment!

Looking to supplement your Kindergartener’s at-home education? Introduce your kindergartener to art with a Kinder Explorations Box from Wonderment and make learning fun and creative!

Thanks to Wonderment for sponsoring this post.

This is my youngest child’s first year of “real” school: Kindergarten. We are currently doing a digital academy – meaning all of our lessons are self-paced and either online or in a workbook. It has been quite an adjustment for both of my kids, but mostly for my kindergartner!

This school year doesn’t look the way we’re used to for pretty much anyone, but it definitely doesn’t look like traditional kindergarten at my house! That’s one reason why I was so excited to be receiving the Kinder Explorations subscription from Wonderment!

What is Kinder Explorations?

The official description of the Kinder Explorations is this: 

“Curated especially for kindergarteners, Kinder Explorations focuses on strengthening fine motor skills, building art literacy, making decisions, and exploring new materials all while stimulating a sense of wonder. Each of our Kinder Exploration boxes is unique and contain high quality, reusable art supplies, developmentally appropriate process art explorations, goals for each exploration that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and digital resources that include links to books, videos, and supplemental activities.”

These boxes are perfect for parents who are home schooling, virtual schooling or who are just looking for new and creative ways to entertain their younger children especially as colder weather is on the horizon!

The great thing about the box is that, even though it’s targeted toward Kindergarteners, the supplies are so open ended that older kids can be entertained as well! My 3rd grader had just as much fun using the art materials! (Though if you have older children, you may want to check out the boxes for ages 7 and up!)

What’s in the Box?

Each box comes with a relevant picture book that will help tie reading and art together and pique the interest of kids to explore further artistic concepts. The Fall box comes with the book Bob The Artist. The box is also full of art supplies and a Wonderment Guide that introduces kids to famous artists and encourages them to explore new styles of art!

Wonderment Art provides the following description of the Fall Kinder Explorations Box:

“Our Fall Kinder Explorations Box focuses on mark-making and features the book Bob the Artist by author and illustrator Marion Deuchars. We’ll dive into her illustration process and how to make marks using unconventional tools. We’ll explore making stamps, playing with shapes and patterns, be inspired by printmakers, and learn about other artists including Henri Matisse and Jackson Pollock.”

The Wonderment Guide (inside the box) includes ideas and instructions on how to use the materials within the box. It also includes information about the featured author, Marion Deuchars.

The great thing about these boxes is that all of the tools you need are included! There is no need to purchase anything else or scrounge around the house for extra art supplies! 

The Fall Kinder Explorations Box Includes:

– Wonderment Guide
– Bob the Artist Book (Hardcover)
– Tempera Paint (6 colors)
– Rolling Pin
– Paint Tray
– Foam Sheets
– Foam Shapes
– Bubble Wrap
– Corks
– Round Foam Sponges
– 4×4 Wooden Block
– Rainbow Ink Pad
– Scissors (child-friendly)
– Jumbo Glue Stick
– Colored Card Stock
– Mixed Media Paper
– Black Construction Paper

What Digital Resources are Included with the Kinder Explorations Art Box?

Each box also comes with a set of digital resources to enhance your child’s learning! The box comes with a QR code that includes all of the digital information.

There are links to many videos, for example the author reading Bob The Artist, the author showing you how to draw Bob, and demonstrations of more art projects. We watched the author, Marion Deuchars, read Bob the Artist and we also watched her draw Bob and his friend the parrot!

The digital resources also include an amazing list of relevant picture books that would continue your child’s education and interest in art! For parents who are designing their kids’ curriculum, the digital resources also include a list of Goals and Standards for Kindergarten education. These resources are a gem in themselves for parents wanting to provide more art opportunities for their young kids!

Digital Resources Include: 

– Book and supply recommendations with links
– Links to printables
– Videos for each exploration
– Shared videos about Marion Deuchars and her process
– Goals and standards
– Ideas for additional exploration

How Do I Order a Kinder Explorations Box?

The Kinder Explorations Boxes can be ordered individually or you can save money by signing up for a School Year Membership which includes 3 boxes that will ship in the Fall, Winter and Spring! Visit their website to see the full list of art boxes available! 

My kids had a great time creating with the materials in this box and they were exposed to new artists and their styles. They enjoyed listening to the book Bob The Artist and I know they will use the art supplies over and over again in new ways!

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