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The Story of What Should We Do Today?

I get asked often “How did I come up with the idea for this blog?” It’s simple. I was a stay-at-home mom with my two little boys (at the time both under age 5)! If you’re a parent you love your children with all your heart, but sometimes (or often times) you may feel like you’re going insane! I needed to get out of the house in order to keep my sanity. I would often ask myself “what should we do today?” So I would search online for places to go in Columbus (the city we live in and love). As I got out of the house I not only found my sanity, but I also found so many wonderful places in Columbus! My kids had fun and so did I! Then it occurred to me, “All of these events/places I’m finding online should all be on one website, so I could find them quickly. And maybe other parents would find it helpful, too.” And What Should We Do Today? was born!
That was in January 2016 and I’ve since discovered I was not the only mom trying to keep my sanity. I’m thrilled to hear how this blog has helped many other parents get out of the house and discover Columbus with their kids. If you’re a parent wondering, like I wondered, “What should we do today?” I hope this blog will help you discover what you should do today in Columbus and Central Ohio. And if it helps you stay sane as a parent then it makes it all worth it. Julie

Julie Miller, her husband Eric, and their two sons Jaden and Mayson.

About Julie Miller

I am a Wooster, Ohio native whose past jobs include GED teacher, mosaic artist, ACT tutor, group facilitator for homeless children, and picture framer, to name a few! After getting married and moving to Columbus with my husband Eric in 2008, we helped start Capital City Grace Church. I got my Masters of Social Work at OSU and worked for a local homelessness prevention program until the opportunity presented itself to stay at home with my then 2 year old.

I love trying new recipes and doing creative projects, but my most common achievements these days are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and building Lego police stations. 🙂 My favorite things include big cities, spending time with friends, traveling, ice cream and lots of coffee! I love blogging about the experiences I have exploring Columbus with my sons, who are now 5 and 2. Hopefully these experiences will help you answer the question, “What Should We Do Today?” Thank you so much for following along with us!


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