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Do You Have an Answer to the Question

What Should We Do Today?

Do you have a kid-friendly activity, business or product that you believe Central Ohio parents should know about? Do you have the answer to the question, “What Should We Do Today?” If so, I offer a fun variety of ways to partner with What Should We Do Today? to help you spread the word about your business!

Four ways you can partner with me

Sponsor the What Should We Do This Weekend? post

Thousands of Central Ohio parents view my blog on a weekly basis and some of my highest viewed posts have been What Should We Do This Weekend? This offers the opportunity for local businesses to reach the specific, targeted audience of Columbus area parents!

What does it look like to sponsor the post? The sponsoring business or organization will be featured in the post with a picture or logo of their choosing and a 3-5 sentence description of the business/services offered. In addition to the sponsorship, I will be promoting the post and thanking/mentioning/tagging the business across social media outlets throughout the week and weekend.

View example What Should We Do This Weekend? post.


Sponsored Post

Would you like an entire blog post about your family-friendly business or activity? We can do that too! If you have a business or activity that you’d like featured on the blog send me an email to request details on how we can work together! See example below.

Mark Your Calendar

Want to spread the word about your upcoming event? I can share the news with a post called “Mark Your Calendar”. This is a post/press release that you write that can be shared with hundreds of Central Ohio parents. See example below.

Clickable Ad

25,000 users visit What Should We Do Today? each month! Let’s partner together to share about your business by placing a clickable image on the blog that will direct visitors to your website!

Website Reach


Social Media Reach

Let’s Talk.

Send Me an Email and let’s begin talking about how we can partner together!

For more details including pricing, or to request my media kit, fill out the form below to chat about the ways we can work together to spread the word about your business!

I can’t wait to hear from you! – Julie

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