Pickaway Place Brings A Slew of Unique Opportunities a Bit Closer to Home

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Do you live on the south end of Columbus or in Pickaway County and the surrounding areas? You’re gonna want to check out Pickaway Place: a one-stop shop for events, community gatherings and enrichment opportunities!

frisbee at Pickaway Place

What is Pickaway Place?

Part community center, part party center, Pickaway Place in South Bloomfield is positioned to be “THE” place to be in Pickaway County! Owner Kim  Miller has taken on the huge task of bringing a tremendous amount of classes, programming and enrichment options to Pickaway County! Where once families might have to drive up to an hour to attend a theatre performance or a STEM Class, thanks to Pickaway Place, they can now find these options close to home!

basket of toys at Pickaway Place

An impressive list of community partners have signed on to bring these opportunities to Pickaway Place including CATCO is Kids, Columbus Children’s Theater, Ruling Our Experiences (ROX), OASIS, Youth Yoga Project and so much more!

There’s a lot going on at Pickaway Place and you can see it in their mission statement:

“Our mission is to provide the community with a wellspring of classes, programs and activities to support personal growth and well-being; while also providing our community a destination for birthday parties, graduation parties and a place for life’s other celebrations.”

welding project at Pickaway Place

While certainly convenience is going to be a major factor for families and adults living on the south side of Route 70, all are welcome at Pickaway Place! There are no membership fees, but families can create an account for easy registration and enrollment in programs and activities! 

event rental space at PIckaway Place

I took a trip to Pickaway County to visit Pickaway Place and I came away really excited for all that this space is becoming! Read on for all that Pickaway Place has to offer!

What does Pickaway Place have to offer?

1. Community Spot

toddler play area at Pickaway Place

There is something for everyone at Pickaway Place! In addition to classes provided by outside partners, Pickaway Place offers some of their own programming as well! Toddler Explorer Club, Toddler Open Play and Family Adventure Club are some of the regularly scheduled activities. 

Pickaway isn’t just for the toddler set either! There is adult yoga, programs for senior citizens, classes for becoming a better babysitter, Zumba, a space for batting practice and more!

2. Classes and Events with Community Partners

An extensive list of community partners are bringing their opportunities and expertise to Pickaway Place! Performances by Columbus Children’s Theatre, STEM classes with OASIS, building robots with Robot Academy, learning code with Code Monster, sports and fitness classes with JumpBunch, handwriting coaching with The Penmanship Lab, are just a few of the options available!

classes available at Pickaway Place

Now families in Grove City, Circleville, Chillicothe and other “south of Columbus” locales have a more convenient way to access these kind of options that may have previously involved driving for 30 minutes to an hour to experience!

Some of the classes happen on a weekly basis, some are a one time event. Make sure to check the calendar to see what kind of activities and classes are coming soon!

3. Birthday Parties

Birthday parties provided by Pickaway Place

Photo provided by Pickaway Place.

I know that families are ALWAYS looking for spaces to have birthday parties for their kids! Pickaway Place offers two options when it comes to birthday parties: 1. Rent the space and host your own or 2. Hire them to throw the whole party!  

tee pee at Pickaway Place

There are currently no less that 12 Birthday Party themes including Laser Tag, LEGO Party, Slime Making, Batting Cage, Toddler Toys, Movie Party and more! Current price is $215 for a two hour theme party for up to 20 kids. Additional add ons like Dodge Ball, all of the plates and utensils provided, etc. are available. 

4. Event Space Rental

event rental space at Pickaway Place

Looking for a space for a birthday party, baby shower, wedding reception, graduation party or corporate meeting? A large room at Pickaway Place is available for rent that seats 100 people at tables. The space can be broken up with moveable walls as needed.

event rental space at Pickaway Place

meeting rental space at Pickaway Place

There is a kitchen space available along with the tables and chairs that you might need. Smaller spaces are also available for meetings and WiFi is included. Prices are very affordable!

meeting room at Pickaway Place

5. Summer Camps

Summer is just around the bend and this is the time when families start to scramble for summer camp options for their school-aged kids! There are camp options for kids as young as 4 and as old as 18!

front door of PIckaway Place

Whole day and half day camps are available as well as after-hours care! Here is an example (but not an exhaustive list) of a few of the summer camps available throughout this summer (2019): (Click here for the full list of summer camp options.)

  • Rock and Roll (Ages 4-7) 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • World of Wizards (Rising 3rd – 6th graders) 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Little Veterinarian School: Healthy Pets are Happy Pets (Ages 5-12) 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Me & My Doll (Rising K – 4th graders) 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Electronic Lab (Ages 7-12) 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Can You Dig It? Fossil Hunt (Ages 6-11) 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Dragons to Unicorns: Fairytale Creatures (Rising K – 3rd Graders) 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Learn to Code iPad/iPhone (Ages 8-12) 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Want to sign your child up for a camp? See all the details including dates and cost and register here.

frisbees at Pickaway Place


Play space at Pickaway Place

I think it’s pretty clear: You belong at Pickaway Place! I look forward to watching this space flourish!

Know before you go:

Pickaway Place
5075 South Union Street
South Bloomfield, OH 43103

Hours vary depending on events and activities for the day. 


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First Dentist Appointment a Success at River Park Dental

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River Park Dental provides a kid-friendly, stress-free dental appointment in Dublin, Ohio!

A big thank you to River Park Dental for sponsoring this post!

I’m embarrassed to admit this and I’ve struggled with a lot of mom guilt over the fact that I hadn’t taken my oldest son, now 6, to the dentist! I had a multitude of excuses, the biggest being the fact that my son is “slow to warm up,” if you will, and very wary about new experiences, ESPECIALLY when it comes to doctors.

Quote from Where The Wild Things Are

We’ve had a few scarring (for me and him) experiences that had made me gun shy about attempting the dentist! When I called Ellen at River Park Dental to set up our appointment, she made me feel like this was totally normal and assured me I was not a bad mom! (Though for the record, they do recommend bringing your kid around age 3 1/2 to 4.)

River Park Dental Front Office

As we headed to our appointment, I was definitely nervous. I just didn’t know what to expect or how my boys would respond. Ellen assured me that Missy, the RDH, was great with kids and would go at a speed that worked for them. She assured me they were flexible and would just see how it went. I tried to breathe easy and believe that they would not judge me if my child refused to open his mouth and went running out the door (not an unlikely situation).

Coffee Bar at River park Dental

When we walked in the door at River Park Dental we were warmly welcomed and offered a latte (which was a huge plus in my book! 😉 ).

Waiting Room at River Park Dental

Not only that, but the waiting room is filled with children’s books, iPads and a tooth-fairy house! My kids were immediately at ease.

Kids on iPads at River Park Dental

Luckily, we were able to pry the kids away from the iPads by promising them the same shows were available while they were getting their teeth cleaned! Offer my 6 year old the chance to watch LEGO videos while doing anything and he’s going to be a lot more willing to cooperate!

kid in dental chair at River Park Dental

Missy was SO good with Jaden, who went first. She explained every move she was going to make and got him to help her count his teeth. She told him that it was going to “tickle” when she cleaned his teeth and even got him to laugh in the process! She took the time to teach Jaden how to brush his teeth at home without missing any spots!

Kid brushing his teeth at River Park Dental

By the time Jaden was done and it was my 3-year-old’s turn, Jaden was ready to walk Mayson though the process like an experienced pro!

Kids in dental chair at River Park Dental

Even after being right next to Jaden for his whole cleaning, Mayson was still weary about getting into that dental chair all by himself. Missy offered that Mayson could sit on a parent’s lap or Jaden could sit with him and Mayson chose Jaden to sit with him in the chair!

Kids in dental chair at River Park Dental

Kids in Dental Chair at River Park Dental

I’m not going to lie. This was one of my most heart warming experiences as a mother. You know how you spend what feels like 90% of your waking hours breaking up sibling fights? Well, this moment made it all worth it.

Kid getting teeth cleaned at River Park Dental

After each cleaning, Dr. Saurer came in to check the kids’ teeth and talk with us. She was so kind and gentle with the boys. Being a mother herself, she knew exactly how to talk to the boys.

Dentist checking kid's teeth at River Park Dental

Dentist checking teeth at River Park Dental

After each boy finished their cleaning, Missy gave them a token for the treasure box. They took their token out to the front desk to exchange it for the key to open the treasure box and pick out a prize! Oh my, were they in heaven!

Kid picking from treasure box at River Park Dental

Ellen took their pictures and printed them out in front of them, which they thought was the coolest thing! Then they hung them on the wall! No cavities! Yay!

Kid printing out photo at River Park Dental in Dublin, Ohio

I am so relieved that this first dentist visit is done. It was one of those nagging weights I had been carrying around! And thanks to a positive experience, my boys know what to expect and I don’t have to be nervous about next time!

2 Kids' pictures at River Park Dental in Dublin, Ohio

I cannot say one bad thing about our experience at River Park Dental! If you are looking for a kid-friendly dental experience, I highly recommend them. I’m honestly so grateful for them for graciously getting us through an experience we were all anxious about!

Know Before You Go:

River Park Dental
6605 Longshore St., Suite 220
Dublin, OH 43017
Call (614) 689-8686 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Phing Saurer, DDS, PhD
Ellen, Practice Administrator
Missy, RDH

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River Park Dental First Visit


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Fight Human Trafficking in Columbus One Delicious Brownie at a Time

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Fourteen Twenty Nine is a Central Ohio bakery with a vision for social enterprise and a heart for survivors of human trafficking! 

Thanks to Fourteen Twenty Nine for sponsoring this post!

Amanda Caldwell grew up baking with her grandma every Friday night. Her grandma made all the birthday cakes for her family and the whole family got together to bake on “Cookie Day” each Christmas season.

Baking is the one thing that comes naturally to Amanda and when she came to a crossroads in her professional life, she stepped out in a new direction, believing that her calling was to start a bakery. And not just any bakery, a bakery that will support, train and hire women who are survivors of human trafficking and who don’t have easy  access to traditional avenues of employment.

Amanda baking brownies

Amanda and her husband Aaron have been married for five years and started their business, Fourteen Twenty Nine, this past December. The name Fourteen Twenty Nine comes from the Bible verse Deuteronomy 14:29, “so that the Levites (who have no allotment or inheritance of their own) and the foreigners, the fatherless and the widows who live in your towns may come and eat and be satisfied, and so that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.”

Fourteen Twenty Nine Baking Brownies

Little boy licking spatula

Amanda and Aaron partner together, shifting their work schedules to juggle caring for their 22 month old, Judah, while Amanda bakes brownies from her home kitchen and ships them out or delivers them in person within 48 hours!

Bowl of Brownies

Amanda keeps things simple with a focus on brownies: Cake Batter Brownies, Snickerdoodle Brownies, Buckeye Brownies, Cookies and Cream Brownies, Nutella Brownies – and my personal favorite, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie, to name a few!

Cookies and Cream Brownie


In the coming months, Amanda will begin working with a local agency to teach at-risk women things like baking skills, how to build a pantry and how to make healthy meals with their kids. In her spare time, she collects toiletries and gently used purses to put together packs of supplies to hand out to women she meets on the streets of Columbus while volunteering with Reaching for the Shining Stars.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie

These are just a few of the ways she has set to work building relationships with community organizations, looking for ways to partner together to battle human trafficking and help survivors find dignity and meaning.

Brownies on table

How can you help? The number one, super tasty way? Buy some brownies!

Order here! All proceeds from the sale of brownies will go towards procuring a commercial kitchen space where Amanda can bake her brownies and begin to accept women who want to volunteer to learn baking skills. As the business grows, Fourteen Twenty Nine will be able to hire women to work in the kitchen space!

brownie on a plate

Amanda also accepts women’s toiletries including toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. as well as gently used purses to hand out to women through her work with Reach for the Shining Stars.

You may also be able to help by connecting Amanda with other community resources in Central Ohio, passing on ideas for an affordable kitchen space, and any other resources that will help her dream become a reality! Connect with her through her Instagram and Facebook Pages or send her a message through her website!

mom and son baking

Brownies can be ordered anytime of course, but if you’d like to try a Sample Box, a limited time offering just for Valentine’s Day, you need to order by February 12, 2018! If you need your brownies mailed, make sure to order this week! Order here!

Plate of wrapped brownies


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