Woodside Green Park in Gahanna is Fun for Everyone!

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Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio is filled with fun for kids with a great Nature Play Area, a traditional playground and multi-purpose trails for hiking!

Woodside Green Park is one of my favorite parks that we have visited in Gahanna! When my kids got out of the car and saw this park they were so excited! They flew out of the car and into the Natural Play Area here!

There is a lot to explore at Woodside Green Park. The park includes a couple of distinct areas. This blog post will help you plan your visit to Woodside Green Park in Gahanna!

What to Do at Woodside Green Park in Gahanna:

1. Woodside Explore and Play Nature Play Area

Woodside Green Park has a lot of great features. First is the Natural Play Area which is made up of lots play structures made from natural materials like tree trunks, rocks and wooden structures.

natural play structures at woodside green park in Gahanna.

This really unique play area includes tunnels, net climbing and play houses! It’s a really great spot for kids to use their creativity and imagination! My kids had a lot of fun playing hide and seek at Woodside Green Park!

nets and climbing structures in the playground at woodside green.

There is something here for kids of all ages and stages. Some of the structures will be more challenging for the older kids and younger kids will love playing in the playhouses and tunnels!

play houses and logs to play on in the nature play area.

playhouse at the natural play area at woodside green park.

It was a bit muddy when we visited so you may want to keep that in mind when you plan your visit. Most of the Natural Play Area was covered with mulch and pretty dry, but the area by the houses and the tunnels was pretty muddy. 

tunnel for kids to crawl through at the nature play area.

If you’re looking for more playground fun in Gahanna, make sure to check out 5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Gahanna!

2. Multipurpose Trails

This park is also connected to the Big Walnut Trail. There are a lot of multipurpose trails within the park. We took a hike on one of the trails behind the Natural Play Area to a narrow bridge over the Big Walnut Creek! Once you begin on the trail you will be able to see the bridge to your left.

a boy walking on the multi-purpose trail in woodside green park in gahanna.

This was a nice, peaceful walk on a paved path. I’m sure this path would be largely shaded in the summer. As you can tell from our pictures, we visited on a warmer winter day!

boy walking on the bridge over Big Walnut Creek in Gahanna, Ohio.

3. Playground

Woodside Green Park is also home to a more traditional playground that includes swings and a slide and lots of areas for climbing.

playground at woodside green park.

There is also a larger than life metal Cardinal sculpture, with a sign that shares some educational info about the Cardinal – which has been the state bird of Ohio since 1933. The sign also gives some tips on disposing of litter in order to protect Ohio’s animals and environment.

You can find a larger than life-sized honey bee like this at Academy Park

playground and cardinal structure at woodside green park.

4. Fishing

path and bench alongside the catch and release pond.

There is also a catch and release fishing pond in the park and a walking trail around the pond.

It would be easy to spend a morning or an afternoon at Woodside Green Park. If your kids get bored in one area, you can move on to the next and it will be a totally different experience within the same park! 

Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio

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woodside green park in gahanna is fun for everyone!


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Sunflowers, Corn Mazes and More at Hendren Farm Market

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Hendren Farm Market in Licking County, Ohio offers the perfect day out this fall with a field of sunflowers, two corn mazes and a fresh produce market!

I had heard about Hendren Farm Market from multiple friends who had visited this month!  After so many recommendations, I was convinced to make a visit to pick sunflowers! What I didn’t know was that we would end up also doing a corn maze, playing on the playground and buying several components to tonight’s dinner!

one sunflower

Hendren Farm was closed during the fall of 2019 due to the crazy rainy season that year, but this year pumpkins are planted and the market is back with a new crop: Sunflowers!

sunflower field at Hendren Farm Market

Pick Your Own Sunflowers

5 acres of sunflowers are available for you to wander through, take photos and pick your own! Peak sunflower season is usually mid-August and they don’t last long so make plans to see these soon!

a wooden swing in the sunflower field for photos

  • Admission to the sunflower field is $5 per person an includes 1 stem.
  • Kids ages 3 and under free.
  • Additional stems are $1 each.
  • You can bring bring your own cutter, but when we visited cutters were available to borrow.
  • They recommend bringing a jar or bucket of water to store your sunflowers in on the way home.
  • Last tickets are sold one hour before closing.

two boys walking through the sunflower field

Run Through Corn Mazes

two boys running through a corn maze

Two corn mazes are available, a shorter and a longer maze. The corn maze is $5/person (Or $3/person if you’re also purchasing entrance to the sunflower field.) Each maze has a game component to it, something to look for while you’re walking through (or getting lost in) the corn field!

Farm Scene Tracks in the corn maze at Hendren Farm Market

We chose the shorter maze. There were 6 signposts to find and each one had a raised paw print to etch onto your paper. We have a habit of getting majorly lost in corn mazes and someone always has to pee. This time it was me. We did manage to find 5 out of the 6 though! 🙂

boy in a corn maze

Play on the Playground

Kids will love this large wooden play structure with two tube slides, swings and more! Also on the property are plastic tubes to roll around in and a small hill to make it extra fun! There is no cost to play on the playground!

slides and play structure at Hendren Farm Market

open land and play area at Hendren Farm Market

two boys pushing an empty tube up a hill to roll down at Hendren Farm Market

Shop for Produce at the Market

The produce market has sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchini, melons, fry pies, green beans, farmhouse decor and more! Outside the market, there is a large patio for seating. You can bring your own packed lunch if you’d like! Hand sanitizer is on every table!

Fresh produce inside the market.

Patio at Hendren Farm Market

Hendren Farm Market

14595 Johnstown-Utica Rd.
Johnstown, OH 43031

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
Friday- Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Phone: 740-325-7224

Looking for more fall and outdoor fun? Try 5 Farms Where You Can Pick Your Own Apples Near Columbus, Ohio or A Complete List of Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals in Central Ohio!

Exploring Columbus with Your Kids

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Hendren Farm Market

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5 Fun Things to do with Kids in Bellefontaine, Ohio

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Just one hour from downtown Columbus, Bellefontaine, Ohio provides a fun, family-friendly way to spend the day!

Thanks to Logan County Visitors Bureau for partnering with us on this post.

I love discovering new (to me) towns that are easy day trips from Columbus! I am always happy to end up pleasantly surprised by the places we find within an hour’s drive! One of those happy discoveries happened this fall when we were invited by the Logan County Visitor’s Bureau to visit Bellefontaine, Ohio – just a tad less than an hour from downtown Columbus!

Downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio

My family spent the day exploring the area including mini golf, pizza, and, of course, coffee! 😉 Plus we found one of the most adorable and inspiring toy stores I have ever been in! Set aside a day for a trip from Columbus to Bellefontaine and enjoy what this cute town has to offer!

buildings in downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio

child in downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio

5 Family Friendly Things to do in Bellefontaine, Ohio:

1. Logan County History Center

  • 521 E Columbus Avenue, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311, 937-593-7557

Our first stop in Bellefontaine was the Logan County History Center. Housed in an impressive mansion, the museum was filled with a surprising amount of displays and things to see!

Logan County Museum in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Honda opened in Marysville in 1979 and opened another plant in Logan County in 1997. The Logan County History Center, in conjunction with Honda, celebrated 40 years of Honda with an ongoing display of cars, car parts and history. The display includes donations from the International Friendship Center, an organization created to support families moving to Ohio from other countries to work with Honda. The display includes many Japanese items.

Transportation Museum in Bellefontaine, Ohio

The Logan County Transportation Museum was added in 2014 and includes examples of transportation throughout history from Conestoga to railroads to planes. My kids enjoyed seeing the many vehicles on display!

plane on display in the Transportation Museum in Bellefontaine, Ohio

The museum is filled with rooms that rotate displays. Some of the displays we enjoyed were communication devices through the years, the civil war and old toys! (And by old I mean the 80’s and 90’s haha). There really is a lot to see here! It would be a definite stop for kids who love vehicles!

child inside the Logan County History Center

2. The Fun Company

  • 136 S Main St., Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311, 937-599-2993 

Inside The Fun Company toy store in Bellefontaine, Ohio

I’m still thinking about how magical this toy store is. What an amazing hidden gem just outside of Columbus! I loved how The Fun Company had little nooks and crannies for playing and reading. 

two boys inside The Fun Company in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Toys were out on display for kids to test out. The colors and decor in the store made it absolutely dreamy. Can I move in? My kids loved it, I loved it, it was a highlight of the trip for sure!

reading area inside The Fun Company in Bellefontaine, Ohio

Books for sale at The Fun Company in Bellefontaine, Ohio

3. Six Hundred Downtown

  • 108 S Main St Bellefontaine, OH 43311, 937-599-6600 

Six Hundred Downtown, pizza restaurant in Bellefontaine, Ohio

We stopped for lunch at the restaurant Six Hundred Downtown. The restaurant is owned by Brittany Saxton who is a 5 time World Pizza Champion. I can’t say for sure what that is, but it sounds like major #goals! She has also competed on Guys Grocery Games on the Food Network!

pizza at six hundred downtown in Bellefontaine, Ohio

The name Six Hundred comes from the temperature at which you bake pizzas – 600 degrees. The atmosphere in the restaurant is classic and comforting. It was great for kids and it would also be great for a date night!

boy playing with dough at Six Hundred Downtown in Bellefontaine, Ohio

We had garlic knots as an appetizer and a pizza for our main course. The pizza was VERY good.  The restaurant offers a kid’s menu and some of the meals do include a drink. All kids meals are $4.50. The best part for my kids is that they bring pizza dough to the table for kids to play with while they wait!

4. Putt & Play Golf Center

  • 209 W Columbus Ave., Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311, 937-404-1330 

boys playing mini golf at Putt and Play in Bellefontaine, Ohio

In downtown Bellefontaine you will find a fun indoor activity center called Putt & Play Golf Center. Inside they have a golf simulator, a mini golf course, laser tag and a virtual reality booth. We chose to play a round of putt putt golf! Indoor mini golf courses are somewhat hard to find so this was a lot of fun on a cold day!

boy and dad playing mini golf in Bellefontaine, Ohio

This course was unique because of its train theme! The course was fun and not too challenging for the kids. My kids are still young enough to get frustrated by really complex mini golf courses, but this one was just right! 

trained theme mini golf at Putt and Play in Bellefontaine, Ohio

train themed mini golf at Putt and Play in Bellefontaine, Ohio

If you’re in the Northwest area of Columbus this might even work for a unique birthday party idea – especially if you’re having a train-themed party! There is a party room and Birthday Party Packages start at $12.99/person.

5. Sweet Aromas

  • 120 Court Ave., Bellefontaine, OH, 937-599-CAFE

kids at Sweet Aromas Coffee shop in downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio

We stumbled upon Sweet Aromas after we came out of the toy store! My husband and I got an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of caffeine! I’m always thrilled to find local coffee shops when we visit new cities. This one  had a large seating area, cute decor and fun gift items for sale! 

merchandise for sale at Sweet Aromas coffee shop in downtown Bellefontaine, ohio

Sweet Aromas, Six Hundred Downtown, Putt & Play and The Fun Company are all within walking distance in downtown Bellefontaine so any of these stops  would be great paired together!

6. Marie’s Candies

  • 311 Zanesfield Rd., West Liberty, OH 43357, 937-465-3061

Marie's Candies in West Liberty, Ohio

I’ve added a bonus stop to the list! It’s a bonus because it’s not in Bellefontaine so it requires and extra 10-15 minutes of driving to West Liberty, but it’s worth it! There are a lot of fun and unique candy items for sale here and everyone who comes into the store gets a free sample. They even let us sample other candies that were for sale behind the counter before we made our decisions!

inside Marie's Candies in West Liberty, Ohio

We picked up a Christmas gift, jelly beans for the boys and I got the most amazing maple cream candies! I’m thinking I need to drive back for some more ASAP!

Bottom line: Just an hour from Columbus, a day trip to Bellefontaine, Ohio with your kids will be filled with surprising finds, yummy treats and lots to explore! Put this one on your list!


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5 Fun Things to do with Kids in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Family Friendly Things to do in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Road Trip from Columbus, Ohio


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