5 Tasty Kid-Friendly Restaurants at Easton Town Center

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If you’re spending a day shopping at Easton Town Center take the kids to refuel at one of these 5 family-friendly restaurant options!

A BIG thank you to Easton Town Center for sponsoring this post!

We love spending time at Easton! With the addition of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus, we’re finding ourselves there more and more often! There are plenty of summer events happening at Easton and it is a destination for back to school shopping! With movies, shopping and plenty of activities available, it’s easy to spend an entire day there! When you’re with the kids and need to find a bite to eat, try out one of these 5 kid-friendly restaurants at Easton Town Center!

kids eating at Cafe Zupa at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio

5 Family-Friendly Restaurants at Easton Town Center:

1. MELT Bar and Grilled

  • Located in Easton Gateway – 4206 Worth Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43219
  • Casual, sit down restaurant, patio seating available 

grilled cheese meal at Melt Bar and Grilled at Easton Town Center

MELT is a super fun restaurant to eat at while shopping at Easton! The decor itself is enough to keep kids occupied at least until the drinks arrive! Decorated with light up Halloween and Christmas decor, plus murals all over the walls and neon lights, the restaurant is colorful and entertaining! Not to mention the restaurant is filled with TVs – often playing classics. When we were there, they were showing the movie Jurassic Park, which entertained my 4 year old dinosaur lover!

kid at Melt Bar and Grilled at Easton Town Center

The menu at MELT is huge! The star here is CHEESE! Choose one of their grilled cheese sandwiches (and calling it a “grilled cheese” is certainly an understatement!) or one of the macaroni and cheese dishes to let it shine! MELT is also known for their large selection of craft beers.kid-friendly meal at Melt Bar and Grilled at Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio
What’s great here is that the kid’s menu is so affordable! The kids’ meals are $4 and include drink! And they are not skimpy portions! The options included grilled cheese (of course!), baked mac and cheese, a burger, PB&J, chicken fingers and french bread pizza. Kids get their choice of a side (fries, chips, salad or banana) and a small drink.

While $4 with a drink is pretty much a bargain in the kid’s meal department these days, if you’re lucky enough to be eating on a Tuesday, kids’ meals are $2! My kid said the chicken fingers were “delicious” and they were big fans of the fries! The back of the kid’s menu doubles as a coloring page which kept us busy until the food arrived.

indoor decor at MELT Bar and Grilled At Easton Town Center

In the warm months, MELT Bar and Grilled also offers a great patio! 

Kid Friendly Points: Fun decor, TV’s, affordable kid’s menu, easy parking, great patio.

2. Koko Tea Salon & Bakery

  • Located next to the model train – 3951 Easton Square Place East, Columbus, OH 43219
  • Bakery for to-go sweets, coffee and teas

cake pops at Koko Tea Salon and Bakery

If you’re in need of a sweet pick me up or a tea or coffee, stop in at Koko Tea Salon and Bakery! We visited on my youngest son’s birthday and he appropriately picked out the Birthday Cake cupcake! The bakery case tempted us with truffles and other flavors of cupcakes, sugar cookies, brownies and cake pops! KoKo Tea Salon’s macarons have been voted best in Columbus for 5 years in a row!

koko tea salon at easton town center

What’s really impressive about KoKo Tea Salon is the long list of drink options! The kona coffee is grown by a relative of the owner of the bakery and delivered straight from Hawaii! All of the coffee drinks are 100% Kona Hawaii Coffee! Beyond just a cup of coffee, Lattes, Mochas and Frappés are available.

bubble tea at koko tea salon and bakery at easton town center

If you’re a tea drinker, you can choose from Bubble Tea, Iced Tea, Tea Frappés, Tea Lattes and loose leaf teas in a variety of fun flavors like cotton candy, Lavender, Taro, Coconut and more! Add in some popping pearls to your bubble tea for extra fun!

KoKo Tea Salon & Bakery is right next to the model train and the fountains! It’s the perfect spot to pick up a treat and then play! (There is no indoor seating so look for the seating around the train and fountain area!)

Kid Friendly Points: Sugar. Seriously, though, if your kid has a sweet tooth, this place will be a dream.

3. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

  • Located in Easton Gateway – 4020 Stelzer Rd., Columbus, OH 43219
  • Casual, sit-down restaurant 

Let’s just start by saying the menu at BJ’s is huge! There is truly something for everyone on this menu! This is a great spot for a sit down, yet casual meal. The restaurant is large with just enough noise to drown out the sound of kids being kids. The kids menu has a lot of options featuring pasta, pizza, grilled chicken, tacos, burgers, broiled shrimp and more. On the back of the menu are quite a few fun activities and games to keep the kids occupied while they wait.

father and son at BJ's Restaurant at Easton Town Center

Our waiter brought the kids out some fresh rolls and a fruit bowl with our appetizer. That was a thoughtful touch and my kids loved the rolls!

Boy eating at BJ's Restaurant at Easton Town Center

BJ’s is a safe bet if you’re looking for a menu that offers something for everyone! And don’t miss their famous Pizookies – a freshly baked cookie in a pizza tin served with a scoop of ice cream on top! Yum!

Kid Friendly Points: TVs for entertainment, a great kids menu with activities on the back and Pizookies!

4. Northstar Cafe

  • 4015 Townsfair Way,
Columbus, OH 43219, next to Barnes and Noble
  • Order at the counter and seat yourself, patio seating available

The Short North location of Northstar Cafe is where my husband and I filled our the application for our first apartment when we moved to Columbus! We have always loved Northstar and we continued the tradition of eating there each time we found out we were pregnant!


The Easton location is one of my favorites because it is so bright and happy and it has a great patio! We have taken our kids there numerous times over the years and know that it is a favorite of many Columbus families!

kid looking at magazine at Northstar Cafe, Easton Town Center

When you enter the restaurant you will pick up a menu and then wait in line to order at the counter before seating yourself. There is a kids menu but you will have to ask for it. (Or check out the kids menu online before you go.)

I think about Northstar Cafe in two capacities: Brunch and Everything Else. Brunch is served until 11:00 AM on weekdays and 3:00 PM on the weekends and is my favorite menu.  The ricotta pancakes are to die for and they are my kids’ favorite. If it’s brunch, they’re gonna order the pancakes.

kid eating pizza at Northstar Cafe Easton Town Center

Now let’s talk about Everything Else. The sweet basil burrito is one of my favorites (friend brought it to me in the hospital after Jaden was born) and that’s what I usually get if it’s not Brunch. On our last trip, my kids ordered the grilled cheese and a pepperoni pizza. If your kids can easily agree on pizza, one pizza is plenty enough to feed 2 young kids. We aren’t that lucky so we took home a lot of pizza!

Kid Friendly Points: great patio, magazines are available for passing time while waiting for your food and the cookies are super yummy!

5. Café Zupas

  • Located near LL Bean – 4226 Easton Loop W, Columbus, OH 43219
  • Fast casual, order at the counter, patio seating available

salad at Cafe Zupas at Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

I may have a new favorite fast-casual restaurant at Easton! On our first trip to Café Zupas I was really impressed! There were a lot of simple and healthy choices and the kids meals were just as enticing! You can expect a wide variety of soups, quinoa bowls, salads and sandwiches with a Try 2 Combo option!

drink infusions at Cafe Zupas at Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

One of the highlights was a drink bar with 4 kinds of house-made “Drink Infusions” – uniquely flavored juices, teas and lemonade. The drinks are made with raw, unfiltered clover honey and are not super sweet. If they’re not sweet enough, they offer simple, flavored syrups to sweeten your drink. (Regular soft drinks are also available!)

chocolate covered strawberry at Cafe Zupas, Easton Town Center

My boys chose chicken strips and a side of fruit. The kids meals are around $5 and include a drink! Each meal (kids included) came with a chocolate covered strawberry! That was a nice surprise!

boy eating at Cafe Zupas, Easton Town Center, Columbus, Ohio

Choose Café Zupas if you’re looking for a reasonably priced and quick dining experience. The atmosphere is bright and upbeat and all of the menu items are made fresh daily in the restaurant.

Kid Friendly Points: the kids meals are $4.99 and include a drink and a chocolate covered strawberry, laid back environment and healthier drink options.


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Dino-Mite Kids Week Returns to all Central-Ohio locations of Sunny Street Café

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From July 15 – July 19, 2019 Sunny Street Café will be offering a free Dino Pancake with the purchase of an adult entree for children 12 years and younger.

Thanks to Sunny Street Café for sponsoring this post!

Dino-Mite Kids Week is July 15-19, 2019 at all Columbus Locations of Sunny Street Café

All Central-Ohio locations of Sunny Street Café will be celebrating dinosaurs with Dino-Mite Kids Week! Each location will offer a variety of games and activities with a dinosaur theme as well as a free kids’ pancake shaped like a dinosaur with each purchase of an adult entree! (Additional Dino Pancakes are $1.)

Along with the dino-shaped pancakes there will be special fun toppings! Last year, my boys got Oreos in their pancakes!

Some locations may also be offering Raptor Punch! There will be games, dino-themed prizes and fun dinosaur decorations and photo ops!

Last year we attended Dino-Mite Kids Week at the Upper Arlington location and enjoyed a prize wheel, a T-Rex Brain Game, dinosaur stories and coloring sheets and other dino-themed games and puzzles!

I love a good breakfast and Sunny Street Café offers classic breakfast options and kids meals that are affordable (AND include a drink)! 

All 8 Central Ohio locations of Sunny Street Café will be participating in Dino-Mite Kids Week! Here are the locations along with their phone numbers! If you have any questions about what will be offered at a specific location, I suggest calling ahead to confirm!

  • Arena District, 277 W. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH, 43215, (614) 222-3008
  • Upper Arlington, 4733 Reed Rd., Columbus, OH, 43220, (614) 732-4479
  • Grove City, 2788 London Groveport Rd., Grove City, OH, 43123, (614) 539-0899
  • Dublin, Avery Road, 7042 Hospital Dr., Dublin, OH, 43017, (614) 389-3640
  • Dublin, Sawmill Road, 7573 Sawmill Rd., Dublin, OH, 43016, (614) 932-7008
  • Polaris, 8461 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH, 43240, (614) 987-7451
  • Blacklick, 6607 East Broad St, Columbus, OH, 43213, (614) 694-2214
  • Westerville, 644 N. State St., Westerville, OH, 43082, (614) 899-6113

If you have dinosaur lovers in the family, this week will be such a fun and special way to treat them! 


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This Week Only! Sunny Street Café Offers Dino-Mite Kids Week!

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This week only, July 16-20, 2018 Sunny Street Café will be offering a free Dino Pancake with the purchase of an adult entree for children 10 years and younger.

Thank you to Sunny Street Café for sponsoring this post!

Dino-Mite Kids Week is July 16-20, 2018

All Central-Ohio locations of Sunny Street Café are celebrating your kids and their love of dinosaurs with Dino-Mite Kids Week! This week only, each location will offer a range of kids games and activities with a dinosaur theme as well as a free kids’ pancake shaped like a dinosaur with each purchase of an adult entree!

Sunny Street Café Upper Arlington invited my family in to experience what Dino-Mite Kids Week is like at their location. (Activities will vary by location.) This was particularly timely because my youngest has really been into dinosaurs lately and it happened to be the theme of his 4th birthday party just a few weeks prior!

Here are a few highlights you can expect at the Upper Arlington location of Sunny Street Café:

A Free Dinosaur Pancake

My kids both choose the Oreo version of the dinosaur pancake! Other options include blueberry, chocolate or buttermilk. The deal is one free kids pancake with the purchase of an adult entree. (Meat not included.)

If your kids aren’t into pancakes, the Kids Menu includes other dinosaur-themed options like: Triceratops Toast (French Toast) or Pterodactyl Eggs (Eggs and toast) which include a choice of bacon or sausage and a drink for just $4.99.

A Prize Wheel

When you check out, kids can spin the prize wheel to win a prize! My kids won a compass ring and a sheet of dinosaur stickers!

The T-Rex Brain Game

Enter the contest to guess how many dinosaurs are in the dinosaur’s tummy! The winner will get a gift card and other dinosaur-themed prizes!

Dinosaur Shows

The Upper Arlington location will be showing dinosaur-themed shows and movies on repeat in the conference/kids room.

Watch Your Pancakes Being Made

Make sure to ask your server at the Upper Arlington location to watch your pancakes being made on a live video feed!

Coloring Sheets

Dinosaur-themed coloring sheets and connect the dot sheets will be available for coloring!

A Kids Table with Games and Puzzles

Check out the dinosaur puzzles and books on a kid-sized table!

Impromptu Story Times

The Upper Arlington location of Sunny Street Café will offer impromptu story times.

A Coloring Contest

Leave your colored placemat with your name and contact info for the restaurant to hang up! At the end of the week they will pick the best piece of artwork and a prize will be given!

New Kids Cups

This week, Sunny Street Café has started offering a new, reusable kids cup that can be used with or without a straw! These cool cups are also available for purchase.

Tasty Meals for Adults, Too!

My husband and I were stuffed when we walked out the door! This is a solid breakfast spot – dinosaurs or not! If you’re looking for a classic breakfast and kids meals that won’t break the bank (I’m super happy about the fact that they include a drink!) this is your spot!


Dinosaurs aren’t going away any time soon 😉 but this deal is! Head over to your nearest Sunny Street Café for Dino-Mite Kids Week before it goes extinct! I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😉

Know Before You Go:

Sunny Street Café, Upper Arlington, 4733 Reed Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43220
6:30 AM – 2:30 PM


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