Three Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Lindsay Goodman

Each month I will be featuring a local parent who will tell us about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus! Thanks to Lindsay for sharing 3 of her favorites with us this month!

1. The Ohio Theatre

Some of our favorite family memories have taken place in the Ohio! Did you know it was once in a state of disrepair and likely to be demolished? My grandfather was a leader in its restoration. I grew up dancing in BalletMet’s Nutcracker and seeing a lot of theater, so it’s no surprise my husband and I love taking the kids there to see a show. I recommend the kids series the Columbus Symphony puts on (check out Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra in March) and any story ballet from BalletMet (Dorothy and the Prince of Oz in May). Keep your eyes open for 5pm Sunday performances of shows, which tends to work well for young families.

2. Franklin Park Conservatory

If you’re old-school Columbus, visiting Franklin Park reminds you of the days of Ameriflora when the park was an international attraction. The renovations made to the conservatory at that time gave us the structure we have today, which is the perfect escape on a cold day. We love to pretend we are vacationing in the various climates! We often check Botanica Gift Shop for clever birthday party gifts and grab a nutritious tasty lunch at the Garden Cafe.

3. Get Air

Give my kids a day off school and the very first place they will ask to go is Get Air, the trampoline park in Hilliard. They accommodate younger jumpers in a separate area, the foam pits are a blast, and my son (who thinks he’s the next Ninja Warrior) scrambles adeptly thorough the obstacle course. If you want to make a whole outing of it, Daruma is nearby, which is our favorite Japanese-inspired steakhouse option in town. I mean, if you’re already going to a giant room made of trampolines, why not go ahead and make dinner just as fun!

Lindsay is a mom and physical therapist who writes the blog Find Where You Fit, which is a guide to fitness, classes, parks, healthy living, instructors, fitness apparel, and events in Columbus. Discover family-friendly activities or workouts you can do on your own. Check out her class Squats and Tots on Facebook to learn how moms are using babies and young children to exercise in a playful way.


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