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3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Lea Delaveris

Each month I will be featuring a local parent who will tell us about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus! Thanks to Lea for sharing 3 of her favorites with us this month!

1. The Zoo

Yes, it’s totally cliche. But I just love love love our zoo so much! I can’t get enough, and the kids are typically game to tag along with me. I’m totally the person who is talking to the docents and zookeepers. There is just so much to see and learn and watch and do, and even though we’ve been a zillion times, it seems like there is always something that wows us each time we go (even if it is just seeing an elephant pee). My kids have done zoo camp each summer for the past few years, and I can’t say enough good things about that program. We’re also thrilled the dinosaur ride is back this year! And of course, we always hit Wildlights in the winter.

{Lea designed a Something New to do at the Zoo Scavenger Hunt printable for Columbus Moms Blog! See it here!}

2. Carsonies’ Kids Night

We don’t typically eat out on weeknights, but it’s really hard to beat Carsonies’ kids’ night on Mondays. The kids are obsessed with their meatball sliders (I am too, actually), plus, Erica Carlson is there doing her balloon creations and she’s awesome. Super sweet and highly entertaining (for kids and parents), she can create some phenomenal balloon masterpieces (forget just animals – we’ve gotten Yoda, a jetpack, a Pokeball). If you have a spouse traveling or working late on a Monday night, it’s the perfect spot to avoid cooking – you get two kid meals with one adult meal purchase!

3. OSU Airport

This is such a gem that I don’t think a ton of people consider as something to do. We’ve loved going up to the tower on a nice day and watching planes take off and land. The pilots coming in and out have also always been incredibly friendly and taken the kids to tour planes and even an army helicopter!

I’m Lea Delaveris – wife, mom and attempt-to-work-from-home stationery designer. I love creating announcements, invitations and holiday greetings and learning to hand letter (and hopefully create my own font!). You can see my work at and and follow along at @lea_d_design on Instagram.