3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Kelli Blinn

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Each month I will be featuring a local parent who will tell us about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus! Thanks to Kelli for sharing 3 of her favorites with us this month!

Columbus is a wonderful to city to live in for many reasons, but it’s particularly great for life with small children! I’ve made it my personal challenge to try and find  as many activities as possible that are free (or relatively inexpensive)! I’m fortunate that my two children are very easy to please so nearly anything I suggest, they’re happy with.

1. The Garden of Constants

When my daughter was 3 years old and my son was old enough to sit up well on his own, I started taking them to The Garden of Constants on OSU’s campus. Each year we go there and take their pictures next to the number that represents their age. I like that this has become an annual tradition for us and it’s fun to look back at the pictures over the years to see how they’ve changed. This will only last until they’re nine, but I’m cherishing the memories made while we have the opportunity.

2. Scioto Greenway

I’m a sucker for a good sunset and since it opened, the Scioto Greenway has been one of my favorite spots to take in the last rays of summer sun. It is less than a ten minute drive from our house and it has been a great place to walk and talk with my husband while our kids ride their bikes or run around ahead of us. We enjoy many of the metro parks and playgrounds that Columbus has to offer too, but sometimes, just a long stretch of green space along the water is just as good as anything.

3. YMCA Pools

Living in Westgate, we’re fortunate to have a few different YMCA locations to choose from within a 20 minute drive. A common thing we do in the summer is to pack snacks (or even a meal, sometimes) and head to the pool for several hours. We’ll often meet friends there and make a whole event out of it. Our favorite YMCA pool is located at the Hilliard branch. It’s big, has a good amount of grass for sprawling out blankets, there are lounge chairs and picnic tables to use and the baby pool is a good size – with shade! This isn’t a free activity, of course, but we are sure to make good use of our membership which makes it very cost effective for our family.

Kelli is a Childbirth Educator, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula as well as a Lactation Counselor. Not sure what some of those titles mean? Head to her website to find out more! She is passionate about helping women from pre-conception into the child-raising days seeks to bring compassion, encouragement, wisdom and help to women throughout that time frame.
She is married to her best friend Matt and they have a daughter, Zachari and a son, Jonathan. When she’s not working, she can usually be found at one of Columbus’ many excellent coffee shops, restaurants or breweries. She’s also often spotted at Franklin Park Conservatory, Broadway shows, or Target. She’s addicted to the library and often checks out so many books at one time that she has to hobble out of the building! She enjoys making cards, writing letters to keep the USPS in business, cooking, wine, and has a deep love for music – especially when she can see one of her favorite artists live.


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