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Don’t Be Scared of This Blog

You know what I did this weekend? Nothing. Well, on Saturday I had coffee with a good friend and then I went to the grocery store while everyone else stayed home. On Sunday, we went to church, came home, took naps and drank hot chocolate. I know I gave you a list of 40-some things to do this past weekend, but you should know I didn’t do a one of them!

A few months ago, Shannon Upton spoke at my MOPS group. The point of her talk was to encourage us moms to plan ahead and to organize so that we can do fun things with our kids and make those special memories. During part of her talk, she hit on something that really resonated with me: She said you have to decide for yourself what is “enough.”

Some moms love to take their kids on outings every day and some moms love to do crafty things at home and some moms hate both of those things! And if you read my latest post on Columbus Moms Blog about Surviving Christmas on Social Media, then you know where I fall in those categories! I’ve been reading Shannon’s book Organizing You and it has been helping me organize some of the clutter up in my brain! 🙂 I asked Shannon to write a guest post for the blog and here it is:

Last weekend I had brunch with two of my dearest friends.  The three of us talked about everything. (In fact, we were there so long we made sure to double tip our waitress!)

Toward the end of our time together, one of my friends said, “I’m so glad we can really share and encourage each other.  If we didn’t talk like this, I’d think you two were perfect!”  And then we all laughed and laughed… we are SO not perfect.

But honestly, from the outside, we might look that way.

One of us is a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband.  She’s very involved in her church has done an incredibly intensive Bible study program ever since I’ve known her.  She’s always using her home to bless people, sharing her gift of hospitality.

My other friend has been a school psychologist and counselor for years.  She and her sweet hubby, who has also been a school counselor for his entire career, just adopted a gorgeous baby with some special needs.  They are the best-suited parents for that challenge that I could imagine.  She is glowing with happiness.

I have a beautiful family and a lovely home, just like my amazing friends.  I’m also a Christian speaker, author, and blogger; I help women use a little organization to clear out their spiritual clutter so they can enjoy their families and grow closer to the Lord.

I mean, look at the three of us on paper, from the outside.

And did you catch that about what I do?  I’m an expert in personal, family, and home organization.  No matter how lovingly I present my content, I know I have the potential to strike fear into the hearts of other women.

Honestly, are you thinking I’m probably intimidatingly perfect?

I’m SO not.

This is real:  I caught my son lying to me, so I took away half of his Halloween candy.  And I ate it.

This is real:  There has been a random piece of trash sitting in my yard for weeks.  I can see it right now, out the window.  My neighbors must love it.  And I’m still not getting up to go outside to get it, because I want to finish this blog post.

And this is real:  I hate leaving the house… yet I feel like I should take my kids to do tons of fabulous things.  Yes, even moms like me, in all of our Type-A glory, look at blogs like What Should We Do Today? and think, “Wow, I could never do all that!  Or even most of that.  Yikes.”

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to do anything like anyone else.  Just be open to their ideas, then decide if they’re for you.

And if you’re intimidated by another mom (myself and my sweet blogging hostess, Julie, included), realize this about her:

She is SO not perfect.  She probably thinks you are.   So strike up a conversation with her, and be real.  When you share your heart, she will, too, and the intimidation you feel will dissolve into joyful laughter.

Take it from three perfectly suited friends who know.

Shannon Upton is a Christian speaker, author, and blogger who wants to help you clear out the spiritual clutter of anxiety and bring peace into your heart and home.  Hop on over to her website,, so she can serve you today.  It’s not scary over there, either… so check it out!

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Monday 12th of December 2016

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