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Lake Erie Bluffs is a Must-Visit Destination in Lake County, Ohio!

Lake Erie Bluffs in Perry, Ohio will wow you with its stunning views of Lake Erie whether it’s from the top of the Coastal Observation Tower or on your hike down to the beach!

Lake Erie Bluffs is one of the Lake Metroparks and is home to a Coastal Observation Tower, hiking paths and many rare species of birds and plants! With 9000 feet of shoreline, make sure you make the hike down to the beach to see the view!

A view of Lake Erie at Lake Erie Bluffs in Perry, Ohio.

Make Sure Not to Miss These Sights at Lake Erie Bluffs!

When you visit Lake Erie Bluffs there are some really beautiful views to see! It doesn’t take long to see many of the sights! Plan to spend about an hour to an hour and a half here, or longer if you just want to relax and take in the scenery!

1. Coastal Observation Tower

Coastal Observation Tower at Lake Erie Bluffs

We visited Lake Erie Bluffs for the first time during the summer of 2021. We headed straight to the tower, climbed to the top and promptly said, “WOW!”. This is the must do attraction when you visit!

view of Lake Erie from the Coastal Observation Tower at Lake Erie Bluffs.

The tower is 50 feet tall and you can climb all the way to the top! Once you are there, you will take in a 360 degree view of the area including Lake Erie! It’s just breathtaking! I can just imagine visiting each season to see how the view changes!

There are benches at the top of the tower and some informational displays giving you details about different kinds of birds and waterfowl you may see in the area.

2. Hiking Trail and Observation Deck

Hiking Trail and bridge at Lake Erie Bluffs.

After we climbed the Coastal Observation Tower, we took the gravel hiking trail towards the beach. Follow the signs that say “Beach Access”.

Observation Deck at Lake Erie Bluffs.

There are also signs along the trail for an observation deck that overlooks Lake Erie from above! The trail here is not too long and is very doable with kids! My kids were anxious to get to the beach!

A boy looking out over the observation area at Lake Erie Bluffs.

3. The Beach at Lake Erie Bluffs

The beach area at Lake Erie Bluffs.

Continuing along the hiking trail, you will find the steps down to the beach! Make sure to make this part of your visit to Lake Erie Bluffs! The beach area is a natural beach with sand, rocks and dunes.

Two boys standing on the beach at Lake Erie Bluffs.

My kids were obsessed with skipping rocks on the water and I enjoyed just taking in the sound of the waves and the beautiful view! We had the beach area to ourselves for a good while and I felt like we had found a hidden gem!

4. Bald Eagles

I am on a constant mission to see bald eagles in the wild and this is a location that I’ve heard is a great place to spot them. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any on this trip, but you might have better luck if you visit earlier in the morning or later in the evening!

Tips for Visiting Lake Erie Bluffs:

Know before you go! Here are some tips for visiting!

When is the Coastal Observation Tower Open?

The Coastal Observation Tower at Lake Erie Bluffs.

The Coastal Observation Tower is open from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM daily. The tower is lit at night! It would also make an amazing place to watch the sunset over Lake Erie!

Where to Park at Lake Erie Bluffs

The closest parking lot to the Observation Tower is at 2901 Clark Road. You can also park at 3301 Lane Rd. and access the tower via a hiking trail.

Two benches overlooking Lake Erie.

How far is it to the Coastal Observation Tower?

Once you park (at the Clark Rd. entrance), the walk to the tower is very short, 5 minutes or less!

Can you swim at the beach at Lake Erie Bluffs?

Yes! You can swim at the beach here at Lake Erie Bluffs! The beach is pretty rocky here and it’s not a place where you’re going to necessarily lay out a towel and sunbathe, but you can enter the water here to swim! The beach here is unguarded, swimming is at your own risk.

A boy overlooking Lake Erie from a cliff above.

We love to vacation on Lake Erie and have visited many Lake Erie beaches! We spent a few days around the Lake County area and this stop was certainly a highlight! I don’t think you will regret visiting Lake Erie Bluffs if you are in the area!

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Coastal Observation Tower at Lake Erie Bluffs