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Slate Run Metro Park and Living Historical Farm: 7 Things to See and Do

Slate Run Metro Park in Canal Winchester, Ohio offers visitors the opportunity to step back into the 1880’s on a working farm!

Slate Run Metro Park and Historical Farm is such a great place to visit! The Slate Run Living Historical Farm is a destination in itself, but it is part of a the larger Metro Park which has a lot to offer in itself!

Each time we visit, we seem to find something new! The last time we visited, I was blown away by the Buzzard’s Roost Lake area, which is right by the playground! We had been to the playground multiple times but hadn’t ventured beyond! We had no idea what we were missing!

Read on to find out all there is to see and do at Slate Run Metro Park!

1. Buzzard’s Roost Picnic Area and Playground

  • Address: 1375 St. Rte. 674 North, Canal Winchester, OH 43110 (this is the main address for the park and everything listed in this blog post EXCEPT the wetlands can be access through the main entrance.)
Buzzard's Roost Playground area at Slate Run Metro Park.

The playground at Buzzard’s Roost is one of the most unique of the playgrounds at Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks! It reminds me of the playground at Scioto Grove Metro Park!

There is a larger play structure with climbing elements and a slide and a smaller one that is very similar but geared toward younger kids! There are also several swings here, too.

Small climbing structure at Buzzard's Roost Playground at Slate Run Farm.

Also in this area is a large, covered picnic pavilion that is available first-come-first served! There is a large parking lot right by the playground which is very convenient! It’s also easy access to the next thing on the list! Read on!

Large picnic shelter area at Slate Run Metro Park near Columbus, Ohio.

2. Lake Trail at Buzzard’s Roost Lake

As I mentioned in the opening, we had visited the playground at Buzzard’s Roost multiple times but had never ventured beyond! Imagine our surprise when we discovered this:

Boy walking on boardwalk at Buzzard's Roost Lake at Slate Run Metro Park.

The Lake Trail is 0.4 miles long and consists of a boardwalk and observation deck. Fishing is also allowed here in Buzzard’s Roost Lake and there is a dock for easy access.

A view of Buzzard's Roost Lake at Slate Run Metro Park.

I’m kind of a sucker for boardwalks. This one was a very pleasant surprise!

Boardwalk at Buzzard's Lake.

Kids will enjoy looking through the scope to see what wildlife they can find! My kids LOVED this! I literally had to tear them away!

Boy looking through a scope at Buzzard's Roost Lake.

3. Shady Grove Picnic Area and Playground

Playground area at Shady Grove Picnic Area.

The Shady Grove Picnic Area is home to another playground! This is a more traditional style playground and there are also swings here, too. My kids were really into swings the last time we visited so these facts are fresh on my mind! haha!

Playground at Shady Grove Picnic Area at Slate Run Metro Park.

4. Slate Run Living Historical Farm

Let’s talk about the main attraction inside the borders of Slate Run Metro Park: The Living Historical Farm! If you have kids who love animals, they will enjoy finding all of the animals on the farm!

There is a large parking lot at the farm area and you will need to walk a gravel path back to the farmhouse.

1800 farmhouse at Slate Run Living Historical Farm in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

You can do a self-guided tour of the 1800’s style farmhouse and barn. This is a true working farm and there will be volunteers and employees doing the chores and willing to answer any questions you might have! This is a great field trip idea for Columbus kids – you can call them to schedule a tour!

The foyer inside the farmhouse at Slate Run Farm.

The first floor of the farmhouse is open to explore. There is a kitchen, parlor and living room open to the public.

The living room inside the farmhouse at Slate Run Living Historical Farm.

Around the farmhouse you might find handmade toys and games. We’ve seen bowling and a marble run.

Two boys playing with yard games at the farmhouse at Slate Run Metro Park.

There is also a sweet tree swing that kids are always drawn to!

Two boys on the swing at the farmhouse at Slate Run Historical Farm.

You can even walk through the gardens just outside of the farmhouse to see what is growing!

The garden at Slate Run Historical Living Farm.

Depending on the day and volunteers available, your kids may be able to help with chores, pump water, pet the animals and more! Beyond the farmhouse you will walk another gravel path to get back to the barn and most of the animals.

The barn at Slate Run Metro Park.

The horses have always been a favorite animal of ours to see at Slate Run Historical Farm!

Two horses at the barn at Slate Run Farm.

Get close to the pigs at your own risk! They may decide to plop down in the slop and send some splattering your way!

A pig lying in the barn at Slate Run Metro Park Farm.

Check inside the barns for animals, too! One spring we got to see a newborn baby calf! Also on the farm are sheep, chickens and turkeys!

A boy watching turkeys at Slate Run Farm in Ohio.

Tips for Visiting Slate Slate Run Living Historical Farm:

There are some important things to note about visiting Slate Run Living Historical Farm! Read through these tips and notes before you visit to make your trip a success!

  • The Slate Run Living Historical Farm is closed on Mondays
  • Activities are limited and some areas may be closed from January to March, but the grounds and barn are open.
  • Generally speaking, the farm is open Tuesday through Sunday, but hours vary depending on the day and the season. It’s best to check the official website for the most up to date hours!
  • I recommend wearing closed-toe shoes due to the gravel trails, barn areas and animal droppings. 🙂
  • The closest restroom is by the parking lot. To the best of my knowledge there is no public restroom on the farm (but please correct me if I am wrong)! Make sure to take a stop there before you enter the farm area if this is a concern.

5. Natural Play Area at Slate Run Living Historical Farm

Near the parking lot and the entrance to Slate Run Historical Farm is a Natural Play area inside the woods! There are picnic tables here and it makes for a good place to have lunch before heading into the farm area.

Two boys walking on tree stumps in the natural play area at Slate Run Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio.

6. Covered Bridge at Slate Run Metro Park

Another unique feature at Slate Run Metro Park is the covered bridge! You can catch a glimpse of the covered bridge from main entrance road on your way to Buzzard’s Roost. You can also take the Covered Bridge Trail from the east end of the Buzzard’s Roost playground area to walk across the bridge.

Covered bridge at Slate Run Metro Park.

7. Slate Run Wetlands Wildlife Refuge

  • Address: 11140 Winchester Rd., Ashville, OH 43103

On the west side of Slate Run Metro Park is the Slate Run Wetlands Wildlife Refuge. It has it’s own address and entrance. The Kokomo Wetland Trail here is 1.5 miles long. Not far from the parking area and picnic shelter are two observation decks.

A divided trail at Slate Run Wetlands Wildlife Refuge.

The path pictured above splits into two and meets in a circle. It also branches off on both sides so make sure to check the map to see where the observation decks are located!

View on the overlook at Slate Run Wetlands Wildlife Refuge.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Slate Run Metro Park! We look forward to going back and finding even more hidden gems!

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Slate Run Metro Park, Columbus, Ohio.

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