Woodside Green Park in Gahanna is Fun for Everyone!

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Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio is filled with fun for kids with a great Nature Play Area, a traditional playground and multi-purpose trails for hiking!

Woodside Green Park is one of my favorite parks that we have visited in Gahanna! When my kids got out of the car and saw this park they were so excited! They flew out of the car and into the Natural Play Area here!

There is a lot to explore at Woodside Green Park. The park includes a couple of distinct areas. This blog post will help you plan your visit to Woodside Green Park in Gahanna!

What to Do at Woodside Green Park in Gahanna:

1. Woodside Explore and Play Nature Play Area

Woodside Green Park has a lot of great features. First is the Natural Play Area which is made up of lots play structures made from natural materials like tree trunks, rocks and wooden structures.

natural play structures at woodside green park in Gahanna.

This really unique play area includes tunnels, net climbing and play houses! It’s a really great spot for kids to use their creativity and imagination! My kids had a lot of fun playing hide and seek at Woodside Green Park!

nets and climbing structures in the playground at woodside green.

There is something here for kids of all ages and stages. Some of the structures will be more challenging for the older kids and younger kids will love playing in the playhouses and tunnels!

play houses and logs to play on in the nature play area.

playhouse at the natural play area at woodside green park.

It was a bit muddy when we visited so you may want to keep that in mind when you plan your visit. Most of the Natural Play Area was covered with mulch and pretty dry, but the area by the houses and the tunnels was pretty muddy. 

tunnel for kids to crawl through at the nature play area.

If you’re looking for more playground fun in Gahanna, make sure to check out 5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Gahanna!

2. Multipurpose Trails

This park is also connected to the Big Walnut Trail. There are a lot of multipurpose trails within the park. We took a hike on one of the trails behind the Natural Play Area to a narrow bridge over the Big Walnut Creek! Once you begin on the trail you will be able to see the bridge to your left.

a boy walking on the multi-purpose trail in woodside green park in gahanna.

This was a nice, peaceful walk on a paved path. I’m sure this path would be largely shaded in the summer. As you can tell from our pictures, we visited on a warmer winter day!

boy walking on the bridge over Big Walnut Creek in Gahanna, Ohio.

3. Playground

Woodside Green Park is also home to a more traditional playground that includes swings and a slide and lots of areas for climbing.

playground at woodside green park.

There is also a larger than life metal Cardinal sculpture, with a sign that shares some educational info about the Cardinal – which has been the state bird of Ohio since 1933. The sign also gives some tips on disposing of litter in order to protect Ohio’s animals and environment.

You can find a larger than life-sized honey bee like this at Academy Park

playground and cardinal structure at woodside green park.

4. Fishing

path and bench alongside the catch and release pond.

There is also a catch and release fishing pond in the park and a walking trail around the pond.

It would be easy to spend a morning or an afternoon at Woodside Green Park. If your kids get bored in one area, you can move on to the next and it will be a totally different experience within the same park! 

Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio

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woodside green park in gahanna is fun for everyone!


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Glacier Ridge Metro Park Offers Tons of Fun For Families

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Glacier Ridge Metro Park is one of the most unique of the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks and offers lots of fun for kids and families!

Glacier Ridge Metro Parks in the Plain City/Dublin/Jerome area of Central Ohio and is named after the glaciers that shaped the park many years ago! The park is full of little gems that make it extra fun for kids! It’s truly one of my favorite of the Metro Parks to take my kids because there is enough to keep them active and entertained for a good portion of the day!

two boys hiking at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

There are two entrances to the park, the Main Entrance and the Honda Wetland Education Area Entrance. Both entrances are on Hyland-Croy Road. If you have the time, I definitely recommend checking out the activities at both.

If you bike, there is a trail between the two entrance areas. The Ironwood Trail is 2.8 miles long and connects to both ends of the park. Otherwise, driving is between the two is your best bet! There is ample parking at both entrances. See the park map.

Things to do at the Main Entrance of Glacier Ridge Metro Park:

The address of the Main Entrance at Glacier Ridge Metro Park is 9801 Hyland Croy Rd Plain City OH 43064. There are a couple of parking areas around a loop within this area of the park.

1. Ninja Course

ninja course natural play area at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

I don’t even think “ninja course” is the official name for this play area.  It’s considered one of Columbus and Franklin County Metro Park’s natural play areas but I and lots of other people I know call it the Ninja Course! Because here kids can pretend they are on their very own episode of American Ninja Warrior!

This natural play area was built in partnership with The Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture and is made up of three “Play Forms”: The Ramps, Towers and Platforms.

Natural Play Area Play Forms at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

This has to be one of the coolest things in all of the Metro Parks if you have kids! We happened to stumble upon this by complete accident the week that it opened a couple of years ago! It was a hit with the kids!

The Ninja Course has several climbing structures, a rope hammock, wall climbing, rope climbing, a small zip line and lots of opportunities to hide and seek!

boy on zip line at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

The Marsh Hawk Zip Line is probably the most popular feature of the park. It’s designed for kids ages 5 and up with a weight limit of 350 lbs. 

2. Challenge Course


boy on the challenge course at Glacier Ridge Metro park

The Challenge Course at Glacier Ridge Metro Park offers 13 obstacles like the Tire Run, Frog Jump, Tunnel Crawl and more. For the record, this course is designed for those who are age 12 and up. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and the obstacles are to be encountered at your own risk.

There, now that all of the disclaimers are out of the way, my kids (who were 6 and 9 at the time) really enjoyed trying out the obstacles. I was shocked to see my usually cautious 9 year old scale the Cargo Climb!

boy on the Cargo Climb at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Of course serious athletes use the Challenge Course as a darn good workout, but some of the elements are fun and challenging exercises for kids and amateurs , too!

kids on the obstacle course at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

The Challenge Course is right across the path from the Natural Play Area/Ninja Course so there is plenty in this area to keep kids active and employing large muscle movement!

3. Natural Play Area

kids in the Natural Play Area at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Just behind the wooden “play forms” that I am calling the Ninja Course is a Natural Play Area consisting of stick forts and tree trunks. Kids can be king (or queen) of their own wooden castle! I love the open ended imaginative play these Natural Play Areas inspire!

Glacier Ridge Metro Park Natural Play Area

If you’re looking for more ideas, Blendon Woods has a great Natural Play Area!

4. Hiking

Red Oak Trail at Glacier Ridge

The most hiking we have done in this area of the park is on the Red Oak Trail, a pretty trail through the Natural Play Area. It’s a great spot for a walk in the fall! There are lots of kid-friendly trails within the Metro Parks!

5. Playground

playground at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

After listing all of the really unique areas for kids to play, an actual playground seems a little bit anticlimactic, but there is one and it’s right there by the Natural Play Area, Ninja Course and Challenge Course, so if your kids have any energy left (somehow they always do) send them over to the playground!

Things to do at The Honda Wetland Education Area Entrance of Glacier Ridge Metro Park:

The address of the Honda Wetland Education Area Entrance is 7825 Hyland Croy Rd., 43064. There is one main parking area here by the Education Center.

1. Honda Wetland Education Center

Honda Wetland's Education Area

While I wouldn’t call this a full on Nature Center, the Honda Wetland Education Center is a barn-like structure that offers information about the inhabitants of wetland areas. There is posted information about birds, ducks, insects and other plants and animals that can be found in the area including a list of 68 plants and animals that can be found in the wetlands.

Honda Wetland Education Center at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

I’ve visited this area when it was wet and when it was dry, in the summer and in the fall. It’s definitely more striking when wet, but it’s interesting to see how it can change based on how much precipitation we have had and what season it is when you visit. I’ve included some pictures for comparison in the next few sections!

boy at the Honda Wetland Education Center at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

2. Observation Tower

25 foot observation deck at Glacier Ridge

This 25-foot observation tower has binoculars and is fun to climb. It’s great to view the park from the top! It’s also a great place for kids to play pirates and soldiers! 😉

This picture in June 2018:

boy looking through the binoculars at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

This one in November 2020:

boy looking through binoculars at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

6. Hiking

bare tree at the end of a boardwalk at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

The Boardwalk Trail is a short walk (.2 miles one way) from the Honda Wetland Education Center. The last time we were there it was pretty dry, but in theory, the boardwalk is through the wetland area.

I always think there’s something extra special about walking on a boardwalk trail and this is an easy and picturesque trail to do with kids. I love the tall trees here. They are always so striking.

This first picture was taken in June of 2018:

boardwalk trail at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

And this one in November 2020:

two boys on the boardwalk trail at Glacier Ridge Metro Park

As you can see, Glacier Ridge Metro Park offers tons of fun for families! I hope you can plan a trip to visit this unique Columbus and Franklin County Metro Park!

Exploring Columbus with Your Kids

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Exploring Glacier Ridge Metro Park

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