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3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Amy Scalia

Each month I feature a local parent who shares about three places they love to take their kids in Columbus!

Thanks to Amy for sharing 3 of her favorites with us this month!

3 Places I Love to Take My Kids in Columbus: Amy Scalia:

1. Blue Monkey Party & Events

We live in Pickerington and don’t like to travel too far from home with our three kids, so this place is perfect. It’s a huge facility full of bounce house fun. There are smaller ones that are great for toddlers, and bigger ones with basketball hoops, etc for older kids.
They have toddler-specific times where there are only littles there, which makes it nice for them to get in the “big kid” bounce houses. And then Open Play nights where all ages can come.  
We also had our daughter’s birthday party there, too, and they made it a breeze. Food, drinks, desserts, the bounce house to yourself, personalized soundtrack (my daughter is obsessed with Frozen so they had that blaring the entire time and she was in
heaven), photobooth for the kids personalized with their favorite characters, and a party space are all included.

2. Combustion Brewery

This place has become a second home. They actually gave our son the cutest “Future Brewer” onesie because he had been in four times in his first month of life, which apparently was a record. 😂 We just love coming here with the kids because they have a fun area where the kids can play, a good handful of kids are always there for ours to play with, and everyone always seems to enjoy having kids around which you don’t often feel when you’re out.
They have their regular food menu (kids love their Mac), they’re attached to a pizza place next door so you can bring in food from there, and they have different (always delicious) food trucks visiting too. On the weekends they have live music and the kids love dancing the night away to it, fascinated with the musicians!

My husband and I love sitting back, enjoying a drink together (out in public like real people do! Haha!), as we watch the kids have a ton of fun! It’s the best!

3. Princess Party Productions

My two older kids are girls and oh my do they love their princesses! So I first found Princess Party Productions to have princesses come to one of my girls’ birthday parties (you can also hire their super heroes and other characters your boy might be into FYI) 
They did an amazing job – their dresses/wigs/acting were incredible, and all their characters are classically trained vocal performers, so their singing was out of this world. Then I saw that they do events a few times a year (they post them to their FB page, so be on the lookout), like Tea with Elsa and Anna at La Chatelaine, which of course my Frozen-obsessed daughter had to go to.
We’ve also been to one of their Princess Day events where all the princesses come together for a big performance and you can do a meet-and-greet with all their characters. So, this is a great group to follow for fun events to attend!

Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, launched Cincy Chic in 2007 and then Cbus Chic in 2013. She’s a mom of three (two girls and boy, all under 4!) living in Pickerington with her husband (Pete Scalia, of 10TV This Morning), who loves her wild little family, food, wine, coffee and long runs!


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