Indian Run Falls: An Unexpected Find in Dublin, Ohio

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Indian Run Falls in Dublin, Ohio is the perfect spot for a short hike! Follow the trails to the look out for an up-top view of the waterfalls

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring the great outdoors this summer and one of the new places we visited was Indian Run Falls just outside of Historic Dublin, Ohio! The park area is made up of marked trails, observation decks, 2 shelter houses and a pedestrian bridge.

boy on the Indian Run Trail in Dublin, Ohio

Indian Run Falls Trail

There are marked trails within Indian Run Falls Park that make for a short hike that will lead you to a couple of observation decks. If you keep walking beyond the observation areas, the total trail runs for .8 miles and ends at Dublin Veterans Park.

boy looking at the falls from the overlook

Indian Run Trail

Can You Go Creeking at Indian Run Falls?

people in the creek at Indian Run Falls

You can get close to the creek and go down to the water from either side of the pedestrian bridge. There are steps leading down to the water and many people were in the water when we visited.

pedestrian bridge at Indian Run Falls

There are many signs stating that wading or swimming in the water or jumping into the falls is illegal. I asked my Instagram followers to weigh in on whether or not creeking was allowed and I got a variety of answers ranging from “no, you will get ticketed” to “everyone ignores those signs.” 

boy looking at the creek at Indian Run Falls in Dublin

We did hop across the creek on a log and there were many people wading in the water when we visited but I will say it here, for the record: creeking or wading in the creek is illegal and you may get fined.

Lately there have been many people injured after jumping off the falls. As a result, making wading and jumping illegal has been an effort to curb this unfortunate event from happening! You can read more information about that here.

boys climbing across a log over the creek

Waterfalls at Indian Run Falls

Indian Fun Falls from above

We walked the path to the furthest overlook to see the waterfalls from above. There had not had much rain before we visited so the falls and water level were on the small side. 

Indian Run Falls in Dublin Ohio

If you’re looking for a great place to get in touch with nature that’s not too far outside of Columbus, this would make for a peaceful outing! Take a hike, watch the waterfalls and have a picnic in the park at Indian Run Falls Park in Dublin, Ohio! While you’re in Dublin, you can also check out one of these 5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Dublin!

Know Before You Go:

Address: 700 Shawan Falls Dr, Dublin, OH 43017
Parking: a small lot is available at this address.

Dublin Ohio Waterfall

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Ohio Waterfall: Indian Run Falls

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5 Socially Distant Summer Adventures for Kids in Columbus

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These fun outings in Columbus will get your family safely out of the house and exploring this summer!

This summer has been a summer of major change for most of us and one of the biggest changes is how much time we have been spending at home! We managed to snag one of the coveted blow up pools for our backyard, we have taken a gazillion walks around the neighborhood, and I’ve even bought 3 (!) bird feeders for our yard! 

But while we are trying to make the most of a life lived mainly at home, we have also been on the search for new, outdoor activities this summer in order to keep our cabin fever at bay!

Please remember that masks are currently mandatory indoors in Franklin County and outdoors when you are not able to socially distance. 

5 Fun Outings for Kids for the Summer of 2020:

Here are 5 things we’ve done this summer that pass the test for being outdoors and also able to be socially (or physically) distant from other groups!

1. The Paul Busse Garden Railway at Franklin Park Conservatory

  • 1777 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43203

model train at the Paul Busse Garden Railway at Franklin Park Conservatory

The Paul Busse Garden Railway will be on display at Franklin Park Conservatory through January 10, 2021. This is an outdoor display that takes up a large portion of the Grand Mallway.

The Garden Railway is made of all-natural plant materials and features 4 botanical themes: Fairytale Land, Wild West Town and an animal themed “Who Lives Here” and a European Travels section! Each theme has its own section of the display and there is a sign listing what each building is and what to look for! It was fun for the kids to find all of the different displays!

Masks are currently required at Franklin Park Conservatory.

boy looking at the model railway at Franklin Park Conservatory

Read more about the railway and see more photos here: The Paul Busse Garden Railway at Franklin Park Conservatory is Now on Display and it is Magical!

2. Suspension Sculptures in Schiller Park

  • 1069 Jaeger St, Columbus, OH 43206

suspended statues at Schiller Park in German Village, Columbus, Ohio

Polish artist Jerzy Kedziora’s floating sculptures will be on display through September in Schiller Park in German Village! This is part of an exhibit of around 30 some sculptures that are hanging all around Columbus including Thurber Park Livingston Park, Main Library and more!

Schiller Park is home to the bulk of these suspended sculptures and my kids had a lot of fun looking for them throughout the park! Our favorite was The Rower over Schiller Pond! 

Balance Statues in Schiller Park

Schiller Park has a great playground and lots of shaded picnic tables! We spent the late morning looking for all the sculptures and then had a picnic in the park!

3. Creeking at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

  • 1775 Darby Creek Dr, Galloway, OH 43119

two boys playing in the creek at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Battelle Darby Creek has become our go-to metro park since moving to the west side of Columbus! But we have always entered through the same entrance and done the same hike again and again. Now don’t get me wrong, seeing the bison in the park and visiting the Nature Center are two of the best things you can do in the park, but trying out a new entrance gave us an entirely different experience in the park!

In order to find this creeking spot you can enter through the Indian Ridge Picnic Area or the Canoe Access Area. If you walk the Terrace Trail, you will come across even more creeking opportunities! The Indian Ridge Picnic Area also has a playground and lots of picnic areas.

railroad bridge over Darby Creek

4. Whetstone Prairie

  • 3923 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43214

deer peeking his head out of the grass at Whetstone Prairie in Whetstone Park, Columbus

My husband and I stumbled upon the Whetstone Prairie while visiting the Columbus Park of Roses in June! We were shocked to find that this area existed after years of visiting the park and having no idea! The prairie is in the western part of the park along the Olentangy Trail. (Park in or near the Park of Roses parking lot.)

The prairie area is a peaceful place to walk, look for butterflies and other wildlife! I did not expect to come upon a deer in the middle of Whetstone Park! There are large clear paths for walking and enjoying solace in the middle of the city!

path at Whetstone Prairie in Columbus, Ohio

In addition to The Park of Roses and the Prairie, Whetstone Park is home to a library, rec center, pond and playground!

5. Rope Bridge at Scioto Grove Metro Park

  • 5172 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH 43123

two boys walking the rope bridge in Scioto Grove Metro Park

Let this be another lesson to us all about the value of exploring new parts of the Metro Parks! Again at Scioto Grove Metro Park, I have been guilty of only driving to one area within the park: the playground (which is more of a large climbing structure)!

There are a lot of good hiking areas around the playground, so don’t discount that if you haven’t done it, but this summer we were on a mission to find the Rope Bridge! We kept driving on past the playground to the Grove Lodge (where we parked) and then headed south on the REI River Trail. The Rope Bridge can be found where the REI River Trail meets the Mingo Trail (and it’s marked on the official Metro Parks map.)

view of the creek from the rope bridge in Scioto Grove Metro Park

The path to the Rope Bridge is very shady which is great, but I will caution you that it can be muddy and there were a lot of mosquitos. 

Exploring Columbus with Your Kids

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The Columbus Park of Roses is a Must See Destination for Summer

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The Columbus Park of Roses in Whetstone Park is a true gem of the city and a must-see destination each summer!

Red Rose in the Columbus Park of Roses

If you’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio long enough you might have a little alarm bell that goes off in the beginning of June – a reminder that it’s almost time for the roses in the Park of Roses to reach their peak! If you don’t have that little alarm bell, then what more than likely happens is that you start to see pictures of the roses float around social media and then a little panic starts to creep up that you’ve already missed it!

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, the blooming of the roses is a much anticipated event and is something that everyone in Columbus should see at least once! The Park of Roses is like a fairytale land filled with roses of every variety and color and if you happen to visit at its peak, you won’t be disappointed!

Peach Roses with a fountain in the background in the park.

Where is the Park of Roses?

Columbus Park of Roses sign

The technical address of the park is 3901 N. High St. in Columbus. You can find the Columbus Park of Roses inside Whetstone Park in the Clintonville neighborhood. Whetstone Park includes a library, recreation center, playgrounds, athletic fields, tennis courts, fishing, picnic pavilions, a prairie, a shelter house and the Park of Roses! Whetstone Park is on the west side of High Street and the Park of Roses is somewhat in the middle of the park.

What can I Expect to see at the Park?

Path in the rose garden leading to the tower.

The Formal Rose Garden is what makes up the heart of the park. However, there are some other side gardens to check out as well including the Backyard Garden, Perennial Garden and Herb Garden. At the back of the park is the Heritage Rose Garden which features roses cultivated before 1867!

herb garden at the Park of Roses in Whetstone Park

The Herb Garden features over 100 herbs and the Backyard Garden is meant to be an inspiration to all of us home gardeners giving us ideas of things to plant at in our own gardens!

The park opened in 1953 and was the home of the American Rose Society for over 20 years! The Columbus Park of Roses is now maintained by Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and volunteers from the Columbus Park of Roses Foundation. 

When do the Roses Bloom?

Red roses with a fountain in the back.

Here are a few things I learned from the Park of Roses website about when and how the roses bloom:

  • Peak bloom is typically the second week of June. (Most of my pictures in this post were taken on June 16, 2020.)
  • A cooler spring delays the blooms.
  • Above normal temperatures with normal rain will increase the frequency of the blooms of the modern roses.
  • Below average rainfall and hot temperatures will reduce the frequency of the blooms. 

Details for Visiting:

Tower in the Park of Roses

The park is open daily from 7:00 AM until dusk and is totally free to visit! There is plenty of parking available. You will see the sign that says Columbus Park of Roses at the edge of the parking lot and the actual Rose Garden is up the hill, behind the shelter house. It won’t be very visible from the parking lot!

Formal Rose Garden

Quote on a stone column in the Park of Roses

Want more ideas? Check out Over 100 Fun Things to do in Columbus, Ohio!

Exploring Columbus with Your Kids

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Whetstone Park Park of Roses is a Must See Destination in Columbus!


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