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9 Things to do at Homestead Metro Park

Homestead Metro Park, located in Hilliard, Ohio, offers many enjoyable activities for families. Spanning 44 acres, the park boasts a fishing pond, multiple playground areas, paved trails, and even a kid-friendly Nature Center.

In 2022, Homestead Metro Park received several upgrades, including a new accessible playground and an obstacle course. The park also features reservable shelters and a charming covered bridge. Visiting this unique park is one of the best things to do in Hilliard!

One of the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, Homestead is also filled with wildflower meadows which make for some great photo ops! Keep reading for a list of activities to enjoy at Homestead Metro Park!

1. Play on the Main Playground

Playground structure within Homestead Metro Park with slides and climbing elements.

The main playground (that’s what I’m calling it, that’s not official) covers a pretty large area! It’s one of the largest in area of the Metro Park playgrounds in Columbus, if not the largest, according to my untrained eye!

Playground structure at Homestead Metro Park featuring ramps and slides.

It feels like the playground is built into the landscape here! The kids love the tunnel and the bridges.

A boy running through a tunnel in the playground.

There are play areas for various ages and stages including a metal fire truck that every kid wants to drive!

2. Enjoy the Accessible Playground

The accessible playground at Homestead Metro Park in Hilliard, Ohio.

As I mentioned above, in 2022, Homestead Metro Park got an upgraded accessible playground! This playground has something for kids of all ability levels! There is a large boat-like glider that is wheelchair accessible and a some musical elements, as well.

Play structures at the accessible playground in Hilliard.

3. Use the Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment at Homestead Metro Park.

If you’re looking for outdoor exercise equipment, you can find it at Homestead Metro Park! If you’re a serious exerciser, I’d consider visiting at off-peak times because kids really love to play on this equipment!

4. Try out the Elevate Fitness Course

In 2022, a new fitness course was added to Homestead Metro Park. There are signs posted that give the names and directions for which order to do the obstacles. Obstacles include: Frog Hop, Twinkle Toes, Block Up, Summit Bridge, Wall Clinger, Lava Leap and Victory Wall.

A boy on the Elevate Fitness Course at Homestead Metro Park.

The Elevate Fitness Course is built for ages 5 and up and is great for a physical challenge for adults or obstacle course for kids. This is a great outdoor activity for families in Columbus! I haven’t seen anything else like this within the Metro Parks!

A boy on the Elevate Fitness Course at Homestead Park.

The Victory Wall is quite the challenge for kids! But be warned that it is very tall and the only way down is a tall fireman’s pole. There was a brief, heart stopping minute where neither I or my son was sure he was brave enough to come down the pole, but he eventually did!

Two boys on the Victory Wall in the Elevate Fitness Course at Homestead Park in Hilliard.

5. Take a Walk on the Covered Bridge

This isn’t the only Metro Park with a covered bridge, there’s also one at Slate Run Metro Park, but this one is more accessible and a great place for photos with the lake in the background! They also put lights on it during the holiday season!

6. Go Fishing in the Pond at Homestead Metro Park

There is a 2.5 acre fishing pond at Homestead Metro Park for those who love to fish!

Fishing pond at Homestead Metro Park.

To fish in rivers and creeks in Ohio, you must possess a valid fishing license. However, when it comes to the ponds and lakes within the Metro Parks that allow catch-and-release fishing, a license is not necessary. Please note that age requirements and restrictions on bait may vary, and you can find detailed information posted at the fishing docks. See more details.

A shelter house behind the lake at Homestead Metro Park.

7. Hike the Multi-use Trail at Homestead Metro Park

A view of the pond at Homestead Metro Park.

The paved, Multi-use Trail makes a circle around the park and is great for walking, running or biking! The trail is .7 miles and it covers an easy terrain. It’s actually a great way to get around and see the whole park! This is a great hiking trail for kids and families with strollers!

8. Visit the Nature Center at Homestead Metro Park

The Nature Center at Homestead Metro Park.

The Nature Center at Homestead Metro Park is a fun place to visit with kids! They have a few animals in aquariums to see and there have also been box turtles on display when we have visited!

Animals inside the Nature Center at Homestead near Columbus, Ohio.

The Nature Center always has activities for kids. We’ve seen a puppet show stage, a scavenger hunt, animal pelts for touching and other educational displays!

A boy looking at animal pelts in the Nature Center at Homestead Metro Park.

This Nature Center is smaller than the other Metro Park Nature Centers and is open in accordance with Park Ranger availability. You can also check the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks calendar to see if there are any upcoming events at the Nature Center!

A children's theater set up at Homestead Metro Park Nature Center.

9. Climb Aboard a Conrail Train

A train car with a platform kids can climb within the metro park.

Kids will love climbing up on the train platform to pretend to drive the train! You can’t go inside the actual train, but a “steering wheel” can be accessed and this is a hit for kids who are obsessed with trains!

A train station replica at Homestead Metro Park.

In the same area is a replica of a train station and a little further away is Bradley Station, another train station replica (seen below when my kids were soooo little)!

Two boys standing in front of a train depot replica called Bradley Station in Homestead Metro Park.

Kids who love trains will surely enjoy all of the train related features at Homestead Metro Park!

Your family will find lots to enjoy at Homestead Metro Park! It’s a particularly family-friendly Metro Park with the addition of these new and improved playground and fitness course areas!

When you’re in the area, check out my list of coffee shops in Hilliard so you can pick up a cup of coffee before coming to the park!

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