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Groovy Plants Ranch is A Plant Lover’s Heaven!

Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio is a plant lovers dream come true! Greenhouses filled with cacti, house plants and succulents and rows of annuals and perennials are a delight!

Like many of you, during 2020 I became more interested in gardening, flowers and houseplants! I had been following Groovy Plants Ranch on Instagram and seen friends post about their visits for a couple of months when we finally seized a free afternoon and drove out to Marengo, Ohio to see this magical place for ourselves!

Groovy Plants Ranch entrance sign

Groovy Plants opened in 2016 in Morrow County, Ohio after owners, Jared and Liz Hughes had years of success selling succulents at farmers markets and online! What started with succulents has now become a two acre property filled with greenhouses, annuals and perennials, cacti, bulbs, container gardens and so much more!

inside the houseplant greenhouse at Groovy Plants Ranch

The trip to this greenhouse heaven is around 30 minutes from downtown Columbus. “The Ranch” bills themselves as offering “Unique and Unusual Plants” and here’s just a taste of what you will find when you visit:

Annuals and Perennials at Groovy Plants Ranch

fall flowers and plants for sale at Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo Ohio

All kinds of annual and perennial plants are for sale at The Ranch! Of course what you find will vary depending on the season, but I was obsessed with the colorful mums and other fall plants for sale at our September visit!


two boys looking at the pumpkins for sale at Groovy Plants Ranch

Groovy Plants Ranch had a surprising number of pumpkins and gourds available! I wasn’t even expecting pumpkins when we planned our visit! I had been telling my kids I wasn’t going to buy pumpkins until October but now you can guess what was the first thing we picked out!

The Schoolhouse at Groovy Plants Ranch

Cacti Greenhouse

inside the Cactus Nursery at Groovy Plants Ranch

My kids were equal parts scared and fascinated by the catcti. Scared enough to keep their hands off but fascinated enough to want to take a second trip through!

House Plants

two boys inside the house plant greenhouse at Groovy Plants Ranch

The selection of house plants at Groovy Plants Ranch is inspiring and addicting! Houseplants have not been something I have ventured into personally, but I bought one here that promises, on its card, to be “easy”. We shall see.

boy carrying a pumpkin inside the greenhouse

Page Town Schoolhouse

Inside the Page Town School at Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio

At the front of the property you will notice the Page Town School which was built in 1869. The building now houses bulbs, Groovy Plants Ranch gear and clothing and is a spot for classes and special events!

bulbs for sale

Atmosphere of Fun at Groovy Plants Ranch!

Yes, Groovy Plants Ranch has its practical purposes. Buying plants for your home, indoors or outdoors, is the number one reason for visiting! The number two reason is just how cool the place is! (Or should I say “groovy”?) It’s just so fun! Visiting is like entering a fantasy world or being a fairy in a fairy garden! Here are some of the fun aspects you won’t want to miss!

Two boys holding pumpkins in front of the VW Bus at Groovy Plants Ranch

Plants and flowers at the Groovy Plants Ranch

Mercantile Market covered in Spanish moss.\ rusted tractor covered in flowers at Groovy Plants Ranch

VW Bus and other plants at Groovy Plants Ranch

Groovy Plants ranch is open year round selling vegetables and flowers in the spring and summer and pumpkins, mums and other fall plants in the fall. They remain open in the winter with reduced hours, continuing to sell house plants, succulents and more!

AND if you can’t visit in person, you can shop their online store and have the plants delivered to your house!

Know Before You Go:

Groovy Plants Ranch
Address: 4140 Co Rd 15, Marengo OH 43334
Phone: 740-675-2681 
Visit their website
Hours: Open 7 days a week, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (double check for seasonal hours during the winter!)

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