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8 Fun Things to do in Grove City, Ohio

Grove City, Ohio is just south of Columbus and offers a cute downtown area, some great playgrounds and one of the newest Metro Parks in Franklin County!

Grove City offers us a variety of unique activities for all ages to enjoy! We have enjoyed exploring this city as a family. Some of our favorite playgrounds are in Grove City and there are a lot of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature!

Browse this list of fun things to do in Grove City to find something to do today!

1. Enjoy the Gardens at Gantz Farm

  • Address: 2255 Home Rd, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

I think the Gardens at Gantz Farm is a bit of a hidden gem! As a parent, I pretty much overlooked the gardens in favor of the new playground in the park that was built a few years ago!

The Gardens at Gantz features a variety of themed gardens, including a fragrance garden, taxonomic garden, cutting garden, fragrance garden, rain garden and more! A real highlight is the Labyrinth!

An archway in the Gardens at Gantz in Grove City, Ohio.

There are also educational gardens including the Garden of Yesterday, The Garden of Today and The Garden of Tomorrow. The Garden of Yesterday is created to resemble a garden you might find on an Ohio farm in the mid 1800’s. The other gardens contain aspects that have changed, and are likely to continue to change over time.

Little Girl Reading statue at the Gardens at Gantz in Grove City.

Don’t miss the artwork throughout the park! The most popular sculpture is probably Little Girl Reading by Dennis Smith. She lays on the wall reading a book and I just love it!

Plan to take a stroll through the gardens to admire the plants, flowers and art! And if you have kids with you, the playground at Gantz Park is a great one! There is also a creek nearby for wading and a huge slide built into the ground!

2. Visit Century Village at Fryer Park

  • Address: 4185 Orders Rd, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

Century Village at Fryer Park is open on Saturdays, May through September. Visitors can tour a historic log cabin, barn, blacksmith shop and one-room schoolhouse. Century Village is part of the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society and you can also reach out to them to set up a tour. See the website link above.

A small log cabin at Century Village in Fryer Park.

You can walk around the buildings at any time. You won’t be able to go inside, but you can still get a sense of the history in this 19th-century village in Grove City!

A two-story log cabin in Century Village in Grove City, Ohio.

Fryer Park has a fun playground, too! It was remodeled in 2023 and we made sure to check it out! You can see more info about the playground in my list of fun parks in Grove City!

3. Explore Scioto Grove Metro Park

  • Address: 5172 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

Venture to Scioto Grove Metro Park, a Metro Park along the Scioto River in Grove City. This 620-acre park offers hiking and biking trails, a playground, picnic areas, and even overnight camping!

The playground area at Scioto Grove Metro Park in Grove City, Ohio.

This park is the perfect place for nature walks, birdwatching, or simply relaxing in the hammocks they often have in the park! The Rope Bridge is a popular destination within Scioto Grove Metro Park and the playground is a highlight for families!

Two boys walking across the rope bridge at Scioto Grove Metro Park.

There is a fishing pond in the Hickory Picnic Area and there are several overlook decks for watching for wildlife or just enjoying the scenery! Check out my list of outdoor activities in Columbus for more ideas, including the rope bridge!

The Fire Tower was opened in 2023 and visitors can climb about 100 feet of it to overlook Grove City! The park also hosts special events and activities for all ages throughout the year.

4. Get a Cup of Coffee at Transcend Coffee + Roastery

Transcend Coffee is located in Grove City Town Center and they offer more than just your typical coffee menu! In addition to lattes, cappuccinos and drip coffee, they also offer specialty drinks including the Brutus: espresso with peanut butter and chocolate!

A cup of coffee from Transcend + Roastery in Grove City Town Center.

They also have a menu of non-coffee drnks including tea, chai latte, matcha, hot chocolate, steamers and smoothies. And don’t overlook the baked goods, there are a lot to choose from!

Baked goods and menu at the counter of Transcend + Roastery.

One interesting drink I saw on the menu is the Conpanna – espresso with whipped cream! I really need to try that one! Another one that caught my eye was the Flavored Jello Steamer! Steamed water with Jello – what?!

If you want to try coffee drinks that are beyond the norm, definitely plan a visit to Transcend Coffee + Roastery when you’re in Grove City Town Center!

5. Play at Windsor Park Dream Field Playground

  • Address: 3400 Ventura Blvd, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

The Dream Field Playground at Windsor Park is an amazing park created for kids of all abilities! Windsor Park is quite a large complex with several baseball fields and shelters. The playground area has a soft turf and is wheelchair accessible.

The playground at Windsor Park Dream Field Playground.

The playground has climbing elements, several swings, a twisty slide, a merry-go-round, a tunnel to climb through and much more! It’s a really fun playground in Grove City that all kids can enjoy! Make sure to check out my list of accessible playgrounds in Central Ohio for more ideas!

6. Get a Treat at Mona’s Eats and Treats

  • Address: 4362 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

There is almost nothing I love more than a mom-and-pop ice cream shop that serves all kinds of ice cream treats! I will search them out wherever we go!

A sunset over the patio at Mona's Eats and Treats in Grove City, Ohio.

I’m pretty boring and I love to get soft-serve ice cream in a cone, but there are so many options to choose from at Mona’s Eats and Treats (which is also on my list of the best ice cream in Columbus)!

Ice cream twist at Mona's Eats and Treats in Grove City, Ohio.

You can choose from hard ice cream, sundaes, shakes, blizzards, snow cones, slushies, banana splits and so much more! Mona’s also serves sandwiches, hot dogs, coneys and more food items!

Mona’s is a seasonal business so keep an eye on their website for summer hours!

7. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Strawser’s Ice Cream, Pop & Candy Shop

  • Address: 4026 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

This is a totally fun stop in Grove City Town Center! If you’re looking for a unique candy or a hard to find bottle of pop, check out Strawser’s! I took my son here recently and he was a literal kid in a candy shop trying to choose from all of the fun candy options!

A boy looking at candy at Strawser’s Ice Cream, Pop & Candy Shop in Grove City, Ohio.

At Strawser’s you can buy bulk candy, bottles of soda, nostalgic candy items, international candies and even a few locally-made treats! Strawser’s also serves ice cream and has a seating area in the front of the shop!

Candy and seating area at Strawser’s Ice Cream, Pop & Candy Shop in Grove City Town Center.

Pair this stop with a trip to the Grove City Library and you’ve got a great outing with the kids in Grove City!

8. Shop for Collectible Cards at Cardcollector2 Sports Cards

  • Address: 3455 Grove City Rd, Grove City, OH 43123
  • Website

My kids are in their football cards era and we recently stumbled upon Cardcollector2 Sports Cards in Grove City! My oldest son was in heaven! Later, I found out that the owner has a popular YouTube channel and now my son is hooked on that, too!

Card Collector 2 card shop in Grove City, Ohio.

If you’re looking for a place to buy sports cards and other collectible cards (like Pokemon), this is a great shop!

This list of unique things to do in Grove City, Ohio offers a blend of history, outdoor recreation, and local food options! Whether you’re exploring the past, enjoying the outdoors, or indulging in local flavors, Grove City has something to offer visitors of all ages!

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