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26 Delicious Bakeries in Columbus, Ohio

These amazing bakeries in Columbus, Ohio offer a variety of breads and baked goods, seasonal favorites and international delicacies!

While chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite sweet treats on earth, these bakeries in Columbus go beyond cookies to offer some truly amazing baked goods. We’re so lucky in Columbus to have so many options, even international bakeries that offer us something new to try!

This list of bakeries will start out general and then offer some specific suggestions for those looking for local vegan bakeries, gluten free bakeries or bakeries featuring goods from specific countries and cultures! You’re sure to find one that satisfies your sweet tooth!

Delicious Bakeries in Columbus

1. Pistacia Vera

  • Address: 541 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Website
  • Dine in area available
Parisian macarons in front of Pistacia Vera Bakery in German Village.

This classic German Village bakery is one of my favorite spots in Columbus! I was smitten after my first visit! Pistacia Vera is perhaps most well known for their perfectly crunchy and chewy macarons. Also, they have deliciously fancy desserts, pastries, coffee and a breakfast/brunch menu. If you like chocolate (I mean REALLY like chocolate), choose a chocolate fudgie cookie.

2. Kittie’s Cakes

Kittie’s is well known for their cupcakes and desserts! They have 3 locations in Central Ohio: Bexley, Worthington and German Village. Personally, my favorite location is Bexley (probably because it’s attached to the beautiful Gramercy Books). Kittie’s also has great coffee drinks and one of my favorite chocolate chip cookies!

3. Fox in the Snow

  • Multiple locations, see website below
  • Website
  • Large dine in areas available
Muffins at Fox in the Snow.

Fox in the Snow is a triumph when it comes to baked goods. They also make one of the best egg sandwiches in Columbus! Fox in the Snow has three locations in Central Ohio: Italian Village, German Village and New Albany. All three locations have lots of seating and are perfect for a coffee date with a friend!

4. Freedom a la Cart Cafe + Bakery

  • Address: 123 E Spring St, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Website
  • Large dine in area available
Banana bread and coffee at Freedom a la Cart, a bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

If you’re looking for a Columbus bakery with a purpose, look no further than Freedom a la Cart, a downtown Columbus restaurant and bakery that trains and employs survivors of human trafficking. Here you can choose from a variety of freshly made baked goods, coffee and lunch items!

5. Dough Mama

  • Address: 3335 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202
  • Website
  • Large dine in area available
An egg sandwich at Dough Mama in Columbus, Ohio.

Dough Mama is a lovely restaurant and bakery in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus! They are well known for their pies! They also serve breakfast, brunch and lunch! Breakfast is served every day. They have a delightful egg sandwich (called Ham Biscuit on the menu). If you’re looking for baked goods, we’ve also enjoyed their cookies!

6. Three Bites Bakery

  • Address: 999 Mt Vernon Ave, Columbus, OH 43203
  • Website
  • Small dine in area available
The bakery counter at Three Bites Bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

Three Bites Bakery is a cute and cozy spot on the east side of Columbus that offers some beautiful baked goods with Italian and Filipino influences! You can also get coffee and lunch items as well! I’ve had my eye on the pizzette!

7. Bakes by Lo

  • Address: 5354 Center St, Hilliard, OH 43026
  • Website
  • Dine in area available in the Center Street Market
Oatmeal cream pie from Bakes by Lo in Hilliard, Ohio.

Bakes by Lo makes one of my favorite cut out cookies ever! And you can also find a variety of other kind of cookies baked goods at this adorable shop inside Center Street Market in Hilliard (like the oatmeal cream pie pictured above)! If you’re looking for custom designed cookies, I highly recommend Bakes by Lo for the cutest cookies ever!

8. Schneider’s Bakery

  • Address: 6 S State St, Westerville, OH 43081
  • Website
  • Best for take out

Schneider’s Bakery in Westerville is well known for their donuts! But they also make delicious cookies, pies and pastries! This bakery is also a popular spot for special occasion cakes! I loved their classic glazed donut!

9. Mrs. Goodman’s Baking Co.

  • Address: 901 High St, Worthington, OH 43085
  • Website
  • Very small dine in area available
A boy in front of the bakery case at Mrs. Goodman's in Worthington, Ohio.

If cookies are your weakness, plan a visit to Mrs. Goodman’s bakery in Worthington! Several varieties will be available to choose from at the counter. There is also a wide selection of cupcakes and whole cakes, too.

10. My Old World Bakery

  • Address: 962 Demorest Rd, Columbus, OH 43204
  • Website
  • Best for take out
Cinnamon rolls and donuts from Old World Bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

This bakery in the Hilltop has been around for a lot of years and has a loyal following! Many people grew up going to My Old World Bakery and continue to get their baked goods here! I have had their cinnamon rolls and they were divine!

11. Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery

  • Address: 1249 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230
  • Website
  • Dine in available

Smallcakes in Gahanna is all about tasty cupcakes! But just in case smashing two cupcakes around some ice cream sounds good to you, they can do that, too! Smallcakes also does custom birthday and wedding cakes! You can read more about Small Cakes on my list of extreme desserts in Columbus!

12. Mozart’s Cafe

  • Address: 4784 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
  • Website
  • Large dine in area available

Mozart’s specializes in European pastries, cookies, tortes and cakes. They also offer an Afternoon Tea and a special Afternoon Tea for Kids! (Reservations are required for this tea.) Some gluten free options are available, here as well.

13. Resch’s Bakery

  • 4061 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH 43227
  • Website
  • Take out only

This classic bakery in Columbus is over 100 years old! What a treat! Located on the east side of Columbus, Resch’s Bakery sells donuts, pastries, cookies and cakes!

The pastry case at Resch's Bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

I took my kids to Resch’s and no joke here were their comments: “This is the best donut I have ever had,” “This is the best creme inside a donut I’ve ever tasted!” So there you have it! Worth a stop!

You can also stop into this bakery to pick up a pre-made cake or contact them to order a custom cake for birthdays, showers, wedding cakes and more!

Gluten Free Bakeries in Columbus

14. Bake Me Happy

A boy holding a pop tart from Bake Me Happy in the North Market Bridge Park in Dublin, Ohio.

Bake Me Happy is a delightful gluten free bakery in Columbus with two locations. They specialize in gluten free goodies that taste just as good as original. I love that they recreate some of our favorite treats from childhood in gluten free form like oatmeal creme clouds, poptarts and zebra cakes . And I’m a humungous fan of their Brown Butter Rice Krispie.

15. Cherbourg Bakery

  • Address:
  • Website
  • Small dine in area available

Cherbourg is a bakery in Bexley that is gluten-free, nut-free and dye-free. If you are looking for an allergy-friendly bakery in Columbus, this is the place! At Cherbourg Bakery you can find cookies and bars, donuts, muffins and even some savory items like quiche.

Vegan Bakeries in Columbus

16. Happy Little Treats

  • Address: 1203 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
  • Website
  • Small dine in area available
The bakery case at Bake Me Happy in the Short North in Columbus.

Happy Little Treats is a fun all vegan bakery in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus. Visit their storefront to see what homemade goodness is available for the day! Oatmeal cream pies are a favorite and they also made one of my favorite chocolate chip cookies with a gooey chocolate ganache in the middle! My kids are big fans of the pop tarts!

This is also a great spot to get coffee drinks with non-dairy options!

17. Patty Cake Bakery

  • Address: 3870 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
  • Website
  • Seating area available

Pattycake Bakery is an organic, all vegan bakery that has been in Columbus since 2003. The bakery is environmentally conscious and committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

When I first moved to Columbus, I was obsessed with finding their peanut butter chocolate chips heaven cookie around town. You can visit their location in Clintonville or find their treats around town at local coffee shops!

Mexican Bakeries in Columbus

18. El Rico Pan

  • Address: 3866 Sullivant Ave, Columbus, OH 43228
  • Website
  • Best for take out
Baked goods at El Rico Pan on the west side of Columbus, Ohio.

This Mexican bakery on the west side of Columbus offers a choice of pastries, churros cakes, breads and other goods. Grab a tray and choose your baked goods with tongs. There is no seating here, just pick your pastries and go! Maybe take them to nearby Westgate Park!

19. Panaderia La Oaxaqueña

  • Address: 63 S Murray Hill Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
  • Website
  • Best for take out
The bakery case inside a Mexican bakery in Columbus called Panaderia La Oaxaquena.

Panaderia La Oaxaqueña is another Mexican bakery on the west side of Columbus with baked goods, breads and pastries. There are also cakes and other snacks for sale. There is no seating area here. When you’re in the area, check out my list of ice cream shops on the west side of Columbus for another sweet treat!

20. La Plaza Tapatia

  • Address: 255 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
  • Website
  • Best for take out, some indoor seating and a patio available
Baked goods from the Mexican bakery inside La Plaza Tapatia in Columbus, Ohio.

La Plaza Tapatia has a large bakery section where you can choose from Mexican baked goods and pastries. La Plaza Tapatia is a large, ethnic grocery store with produce, non-perishable foods and hot foods available! There is a seating area and a patio outside.

European Bakeries in Columbus

21. Auddino’s Italian Bakery

  • Address: 490 Clara St, Columbus, OH 43211
  • Website
  • Best for take out
A box of donuts outside Auddino's Italian Bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

Auddino’s Italian Bakery is a classic Columbus institution! Go here for “cronuts” and other Italian specialty cookies! They are famous for their bread and supply many restaurants in Columbus! The seating area here is pretty small so it’s best for take out.

22. La Chatelaine French Bakery

Breakfast items and pastry from La Chatelaine, a french bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

There are several locations of La Chatelaine around the city of Columbus! You can find this bakery in Upper Arlington, Dublin and Worthington.

This is a great place for breakfast, pastries or for a French entree for lunch! Bakery items include croissants, palmiers, individual desserts and whole cakes. You can also get baguettes, brioche loaves and other breads.

23. Créme de la Créme Bakery & Cafe

  • 5311 Westpointe Plaza Dr, Columbus, OH 43228
  • Website
  • Lots of inside and outdoor seating

This European style bakery opened in Hilliard in 2023 and features a wide selection of pastries to choose from! The owners of the cafe are Ukrainian and the style of the cafe brings us a taste of a Ukrainian bakery here in Columbus!

Coffee and pastry at Creme de la Creme bakery in Hilliard, Ohio.

Créme de la Créme Bakery also serves coffee drinks and all day breakfast! They have a large seating area inside. And when weather permits, there are tables and chairs outside of the cafe and around the corner in the alley between shops!

24. Mjomii Dessert & Coffee House

  • Address: 2560 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
  • Website
  • dine in area available

Mjomii specializes in macarons that are just incredible! The desserts here are inspired by East Asian and European cuisines. Mjomii began as a home bakery selling at farmers’ markets and kiosks. The brick-and-mortar location opened in late 2022.

The bakery case at Mjomii Dessert and Coffee House in Columbus, Ohio.

Mjomii also serves coffee drinks. I tried the Einspänner which includes a layer of sweetened coffee, a layer of whipped cream and cocoa powder on top. It was delicious.

While other desserts are available, the macaron is the star of the show. I had vanilla and earl grey and they were some of the best I have ever had!

French/Japanese Bakeries in Columbus

25. Belle’s Bread

  • Address: 1168 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus, OH 43220
  • Website
  • Small dine in area available

Belle’s Bread is in the Japan Marketplace in northwest Columbus. It’s a great spot for French-inspired Japanese pastries! I’ll tell you a secret, though. My favorite thing here is not the pastry, but the green tea soft serve ice cream! Get it as a twist with vanilla!

26. Tous le Jours

  • Address: 2851 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43202
  • Website
  • Dine in available
Baked goods on display at Tous le Jours a french bakery in Columbus, Ohio.

Tous le Jours is in the university area and they serve french-inspired Japanese pastries. When you enter, you pick up a tray and choose your pastries from the large array of choices! At the counter you can choose from more desserts and also order coffee drinks!

With few exceptions, I try to stick to writing about places that I have personally been to or experienced! If there’s a bakery in Columbus that you think is amazing and it isn’t on this list, it’s probably because I haven’t been there yet! Feel free to leave me a suggestion in the comments and I will update this post as I eat my way through the best bakeries in Columbus, Ohio!

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Best bakeries in Columbus, Ohio.

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