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21 of the Best Restaurants in Grandview Heights

Small but mighty, the city of Grandview has a plethora of restaurants to choose from! This list of restaurants in Grandview Heights will give you several ideas for your next meal!

Since we moved to Columbus in 2008, we have always lived about 10 minutes or less from Grandview so it has become a go-to destination for us for meals out! If you’re celebrating a special occasion, in the mood for gourmet pizza or looking for a delicious brunch, there’s a restaurant here for you!

Grandview is also home to some of the best coffee in Columbus, the second ever location of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and one of my favorite donuts! Read for all the details about these delicious restaurants in Grandview!

Make sure to also check out my list of fun things to do in Grandview to pair up with your meal!

1. Si Señor

  • Address: 1456 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
The Chicharron Peruano sandwich from Si Señor in Grandview.

Si Señor is one of my favorite restaurants in Grandview to get lunch! They serve Peruvian sandwiches and side dishes. (I recommend the plantains!)

I wish I could give you an overview of the entire menu, but I always order the Chicharron Peruano. Every. Single. Time. It features Peruvian style fried pork shoulder with pickled red onions and sweet potato mayo. It’s delicious. I have to give credit to Erin from The Spiffy Cookie for bringing it to my attention!

2. Third and Hollywood

  • Address: 1433 W 3rd Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • Website
Cheddar and Herb biscuits on a white plate from Third and Hollywood, a restaurant in Grandview Heights.

Third and Hollywood has a great vibe for a date night or weekend brunch in Grandview! Third and Hollywood uses high quality ingredients and sustainable seafood. The Cheddar Herb Biscuits are to die for.

I love the coziness of the restaurant, but it also feels special and fancy at the same time. I’m partial to their booths, but Third and Hollywood also has a great patio!

3. Lion Cub’s Cookies

  • Address: 1261 Grandview Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • Website
A chocolate chip cookie held up in front of Lion Cub's Cookies in Grandview.

Lion Cub’s Cookies is a specialty cookie shop in the heart of Grandview. Stop in for a warm, fresh cookie! You won’t be disappointed. These cookies are THICK! You can check their website (linked above) for each week’s menu. Keep an eye out for the puppy chow cookie, it’s one of my favorites!

4. Stauf’s Coffee Roasters

  • Address: 1277 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
A cup of iced coffee at Stauf's Coffee Roasters in Grandview, Ohio.

Stauf’s Coffee is a Grandview institution. This popular coffee shop is in the Bank Block Shopping Center on Grandview Ave. The shop is always busy and they serve more than just coffee! Baked goods are made in house and they have a breakfast and lunch menu that includes egg sandwiches, wraps, omelets and more!

The Grandview location of Stauf’s is special because they have a large retail area where you can shop for coffee beans, tea and coffee related products!

5. Mazah Mediterranean Eatery

  • Address: 1453 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
A Sampler Platter from Mazah Mediterranean Eatery in Grandview, Ohio.

Mazah is a go-to restaurant in Grandview for me! I love Mediterranean food and since I always want a little bit of everything, I love the sample platter at Mazah! Don’t forget the garlic sauce! Just looking at the picture above makes me want to go there for lunch right now.

I love all the fresh salad options at Mazah. The three bean salad and tabouli are favorites. Plus they have great hummus and baba ghanoush. Something I haven’t tried but looks really good and fun is the Lebanese Nights they host periodically!

6. Figlio Wood-Fired Pizza

  • Address: 1369 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
Wood-fired pizza with pepperoni and onions at Figlio, a restaurant in Grandview.

Figlio makes an amazing wood-fired pizza. I like the ambiance here – you can be fancy or casual and not go wrong! If pizza isn’t your thing, they also serve classic pasta dishes and Italian inspired entrees. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Grandview for date night, I think Figlio’s is just perfect!

7. Jeni’s

  • Address: 1281 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
Two scoops of ice cream on a cone at Jeni's in Grandview.

Jeni’s Ice Cream is another Grandview staple. This scoop shop was Jeni’s second location! It has been open since 2006 and is one of our favorite Jeni’s locations! Did you know you can get free Jeni’s ice cream on your birthday?

My favorite Jeni’s Ice Cream combo is salty caramel and darkest chocolate. But you guys, there are So. Many. More. flavors to try! More of my personal favorites are Brambleberry Crisp, Savannah Buttercream, Gooey Butter Cake and well, pretty much all of them.

8. Basic Biscuits, Kindness, Coffee

  • Address: 1160 Goodale Blvd, Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • Website
A breakfast sandwich with bacon and eggs at Basic Biscuits Kindness and Coffee, a restaurant in Grandview Heights.

Biscuits and Kindness is a newer restaurant in Grandview that primarily serves breakfast items and coffee. Their biscuits are made in house and you can get them sweet or savory! Try them in an egg sandwich or covered in sausage gravy!

This is a cute shop with indoor dining and a couple of outside tables, too! They serve Stauf’s coffee and if you can snag them, bags of day old biscuits at a discount!

9. Alchemy Kitchen

  • Address: 1439 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
A smoothie bowl with granola, fruit and coconut at Alchemy in Grandview.

Alchemy Kitchen in Grandview is open for breakfast and lunch. This cute restaurant right on Grandview Avenue is perfect for a healthy sandwich or smoothie bowl.

They also serve avocado toast (millennials rejoice) and they have quite a few smoothies to choose from. All of their beverages, smoothie bowls and smoothies are vegan, so if you’re looking for dairy free dining options in Grandview, look no further!

10. DK Diner

  • Address: 1715 W 3rd Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • Website
A sour cream donut held up in front o the DK sign at DK Diner in Grandview Heights.

We love DK Diner for their donuts! They make my favorite sour cream donut in Columbus! DK Diner doesn’t just serve donuts, they serve food all day!

I think we’ve always gone for breakfast but don’t overlook it lunch or dinner in Grandview! Recently they have also started serving cocktails and staying open until 9 PM! DK Diner has an enclosed patio area. I think the patio keeps expanding overnight! No complaints here!

11. Aladdins

  • Address: 1425 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
Chicken, rice and salad from Aladdins Eatery in Grandview Heights, Ohio.

I one heard someone describe Aladdins as a “chain that doesn’t feel like a chain” and I’m going to second that description. (If you’re reading this and that was you, send me a message and I’ll give you full credit!)

Again, I’m a big Mediterranean fan, so we head to Aladdin’s quite often when in Grandview! They always have great specials on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and probably other holidays, too!

12. Cap City Fine Diner

  • Address: 1299 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
Soup, sandwich and salad combo from Cap City Diner in Grandview.

Cap City Diner is another go-to restaurant in Grandview for my family! I especially love their lunch combo but the true hero is the Cap City Meatloaf! Or the Blue Cheese Potato Chips. Or maybe it’s the Seriously Big Chocolate Cake. I can’t decide!

Cap City Grandview has a fun ambience with an upscale diner feel. They also have a great patio! We have eaten here with the kids and on date nights both!

13. Habaneros

  • Address: 1105 Yard St, Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • Website
Tacos, chips and queso on a table on the patio at Habaneros Restaurant in Grandview Yard.

I was really happy when Habaneros moved into Grandview Yard! I had eaten at the Hilliard location several times and they make one of my favorite queso dips in the Columbus area! The Grandview restaurant is just a mere 3 miles closer to me but it feels significant. Especially when you’re craving tacos. And queso.

The Grandview location of Habaneros has a really great patio! They also have daily specials. And good queso. Have I mentioned that yet?

14. Chocolate Cafe

  • Address: 1855 Northwest Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
A chocolate chip cookie with lots of toppings held up in front of the window at Chocolate Cafe, a restaurant near Grandview Ohio.

Chocolate Cafe is one of my favorite dessert spots in Grandview to take my kids! In fact, about a zillion years ago, I wrote a blog post about how we left the house after 17,000 days of being cooped up due to illness and the first place we went was Chocolate Cafe!

I’m a technical person, so technically this is in the Five by Northwest neighborhood, but we’re gonna let them squeak in because a post-dinner dessert spot can be hard to find and this one has been a go-to!

Despite it’s name, Chocolate Cafe actually serves regular food, too! They really have everything. But if you’re looking for dessert in Grandview, head here for the All-You-Can-Eat Fondue on Friday nights or cake, hand dipped ice cream, speciality coffee drinks, cocktails and so much more!

15. High Bank Distillery Co

  • Address: 1051 Goodale Blvd, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
A cocktail sitting on a table at High Bank Distillery in Grandview, Ohio.

If you’re looking for a trendy spot for drinks and dinner, High Bank Grandview will fit the bill! When the weather is right, patio dining is available! I love the large garage doors that open up. They also have a large bar area and seating for dinner.

Reservations are recommended here. Not that I’ve ever shown up there at dinnertime without one (cough cough).

16. Brekkie Shack

  • Address: 1060 Yard St, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website
Baked goods behind the counter at Brekkie Shack in Grandview Yard.

Brekkie Shack is just what it sounds like: a great choice for breakfast in Grandview! Brekkie Shack is located in Grandview Yard and they are open for breakfast, lunch and brunch seven days a week!

A fun fact is that Brekkie Shack was opened by twin sisters from Columbus! It’s a gorgeous, sunny spot and when the weather is warm, the garage-door windows can open all along the side of the restaurant!

Brekkie Shack offers kids meals! I need to take my kids here for the mini pancakes! I loved the sweet potato-brussel sprout hash!

17. Winans Chocolates + Coffee +Wine

  • Address: 1125 Yard St, Grandview Heights, OH 43212
  • Website
A cup of iced coffee with a straw held up in front of the counter at Winans Chocolates in Grandview.

Another Grandview Yard resident, Winans Chocolates covers a lot of bases when you’re looking for a place to get dessert or drinks in Grandview! I love their handmade chocolates, that’s obviously a huge draw. But they also have specialty coffee drinks and wine, so it makes for a great spot to meet a friend or to have dessert after eating at one of these other lovely Grandview restaurants!

18. The Rail

  • Address: 1064 Dublin Rd, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Website
Three drinks and pretzel bites from the Happy Hour Menu at The Rail in Grandview.

I definitely would recommend you visit The Rail for their $6 Happy Hour! Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM there is a good selection of drinks and appetizers for $6 each, which is a great deal!

I recently ate there with friends and we shared the Housemade Tater Tots, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Buffalo Chicken Dip and Hand-Cut Pretzel Bites. I also had The Old Fashioned Burger which was just $6 on the Happy Hour Menu!

We haven’t taken our kids there yet but I was impressed that the Kid’s Menu was reasonably priced at $7 or $8 per meal and that includes a drink and a side!

The Rail sources their beef from local farms and their draft beer list features Ohio breweries! The owner is an Ohio native and he also has a great restaurant called Mariola Italian in Wooster, Ohio!

19. Hot Chicken Takeover

  • Address: 1417 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website

Hot Chicken Takeover occupies a great space in the heart of Grandview and serves up chicken that is on fire! (Don’t worry, you can choose mild as your flavor if your taste buds can’t handle the heat!)

You can get your chicken pretty much any way you can imagine: wings, nuggets, sandwich, tenders, you name it! You can even get the whole bird! In fact, you an even get Vegan Nuggs or your chicken on a Kale Caesar Salad!

Hot Chicken Takeover is also a kid-friendly restaurant in Grandview. The atmosphere is laid back with family-style seating at long tables. A Kids Combo is available that includes your choice of chicken and 1 side.

This is a great place to get Nashville-style hot chicken with a commitment to Columbus! Hot Chicken Takeover seeks to provide jobs to people who need a fair chance at work. Their mission is to provide stability to those who face barriers to employment such as homelessness or past incarceration.

Oh, wait! Did I mention Miss B’s Banana Pudding? You cannot go to HCT without ordering it! Trust me!

20. Toft’s Grand Scoop

  • Address: 1288 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website

I was so excited to hear that Toft’s was opening an ice cream shop in Grandview! We have loved visiting Toft Dairy in Sandusky on our summer trips to Lake Erie so we were super happy that they opened an ice cream shop in Columbus!

The ice cream is so good! Toft’s Grand Scoop on 5th Avenue in Grandview sells 20 permanent hand-dipped flavors, 4 rotating flavors, 2 soft serve flavors, cookie sandwiches, milkshakes and more!

Their best-selling ice cream flavor is Lake Erie Cookie Island Monster which features a blue cake batter ice cream with cookie dough chunks, chocolate chips and chocolate cookies with cream. It is delicious – and yes, it will turn your tongue blue! (Totally worth it!)

21. Kyushu Ramen Bar

  • Address: 1280 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
  • Website

Kyushu Ramen Bar is a great, casual spot for dinner or lunch in Grandview! There is table seating or you can sit at the bar and watch your food be made. The decor in the restaurant is beautiful, I loved the murals on the walls, and the lanterns and hanging flowers.

Pictured above is the Chicken Karaage Bowl. We also had the Harumaki (Japanese Spring Rolls) which were delicious. My husband had a pork ramen. We loved our dishes and will definitely be back!

This spot gets bonus points for being in the same plaza as Toft’s Grand Scoop, so if you have any room left in your tummy, make sure to get a huge scoop of Tofts ice cream for dessert!

I hope you find something you love on this list of restaurants in Grandview! With few exceptions, I feature restaurants I have been to personally! If your favorite isn’t on this list, it’s probably because I haven’t been there yet! Feel free to leave a suggestion for the next place we should eat in Grandview in the comments!

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