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Garrette Park in West Jefferson is a New Favorite

Garrette Park in West Jefferson, Ohio is an accessible playground with a unique gravity rail that kids will go crazy for!

There have been a couple of times when we just happen to stumble upon a brand new, hidden gem! That happened at the Ninja Course at Glacier Ridge Metro Park, and it happened a few weeks ago when I took the boys to West Jefferson to try out a coffee shop downtown called The Daily Buzz.

Truth be told, we drove down a street in downtown West Jefferson specifically to get a closer look at a house that had a legit, old-school, life-sized Ronald McDonald in their front yard! No joke. And on the way around the block, we spied a new looking playground!

Garrette Park in West Jefferson Opened During Summer 2022!

Boys playing on the gravity rail at Garrette Park in West Jefferson, Ohio.

The Gravity Rail at Garrette Park is a Main Attraction

This is the first time I have seen a gravity rail of this size at a local playground! For my kids, it was love at first sight!

The gravity rail at Garrette Park in West Jefferson.

Upon talking to some locals who had come to see the playground, I found out that the Grand Opening had just recently been celebrated! Lucky us!

I could barely tear my kids away from the gravity rail, which is a cross between a zip line and a roller coaster! Kids sit on a traditional swing and are taken by gravity down the hill and around the oval-shaped course!

Boys taking the swing up the ramp of the gravity rail in West Jefferson.

It took both of my kids to push the swing up the hill and into place, so younger kid will definitely need help from an adult to get it to the top!

Garrette Park is an Accessible Playground

Accessible playground structures at Garrette Park in West Jefferson, Ohio.

The gravity rail at Garrette Park sits off by itself away from the rest of the playground. The rest of the playground is an accessible playground that includes a glider with room for two wheelchairs, an accessible merry-go-round and an wheelchair accessible see saw.

Accessible glider at the playground at Garrette Park.
Play structure and ropes course in the playground.

There are a lot of climbing options at Garrette Park as well! There is a small rock climbing wall and a ropes area.

Rock climbing wall and double slide on the playground.

The Park Also Includes a Toddler Play Structure

Garrette Park also includes a toddler-sized play structure that has some interactive elements and the ever-popular steering wheel! There is also a toddler-sized double slide.

Play structure for toddlers at Garrette Park in West Jefferson.

The park also features some musical elements like bongos and bells.

The accessible playground is built for wheelchairs at Garrette Park.

This accessible playground reminds me a lot of Cowling Park in London, Ohio! Probably because of the green color, but also because of the accessible elements! There is another cool zip line at Cowling Park!

If you’ve already driven to West Jefferson, London is just about 15 minutes further so it might be worth combining the two into a fun day trip!

Large play structure at Garrette Park.

Garrette Park was a hit with my kids! There is a lot to love about this playground and you’ll be hard pressed to find another gravity rail close by (though my sources tell me there is one at Aldersgate Park in Marysville that we will have to check out!)

Play structure for kids at Garrette Park in West Jefferson, Ohio.

Where is Garrette Park Located?

The address for Garrette Park on Google Maps is officially: Fellows Ave, West Jefferson, OH 43162. You may also try 47 South St., West Jefferson. There is a small parking lot close to the gravity rail near where S. West St. meets Fellows Ave. and Kuehner Ave.

One thing to keep in mind is that the only available bathrooms are port-a-potties near the parking lot.

West Jefferson is about 19 miles and 20-ish minutes west of downtown Columbus. It may sound far, but it’s really no further than we drive to visit most of our Metro Parks Playgrounds! What do you think? Will you plan a trip to West Jefferson to visit Garrette Park? I think it’s worth the trip!

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