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5 Super Fun Playgrounds in Gahanna

These 5 parks and playgrounds in Gahanna, Ohio will keep your kids entertained and having fun outside!

Gahanna, just east of Columbus, is home to a lot of really unique parks! If you live in Gahanna or you’re visiting in the area and looking for a place for your kids to burn off some extra energy, these 5 playgrounds will offer fun opportunities to do just that!

Round out a trip to Gahanna with a frozen custard from Whit’s or a cupcake from Small Cakes Cupcakery and Creamery! Gahanna is also home an Herbal Trail and the Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival! Check out my list of things to do in Gahanna, Ohio for more ideas!

5 Super Fun Playgrounds and Parks in Gahanna, Ohio:

1. Friendship Park

  • 150 Oklahoma Ave., Gahanna, OH 43230
play structure at Friendship Park in Gahanna.

Friendship Park is a bright and fun playground with activities for kids of all ages. There is a fun twisty slide for the big kids, a small play area for the younger kids and a wall of hands-on activities for toddlers.

toddler play structure at Friendship Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

This is also the location of one of the Story Trails in Gahanna. You can walk through a path reading a story. The story changes annually.

little boy playing on a wall of toddler activities at Friendship Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

2. Sunpoint Park

  • 670 McCutcheon Rd., Gahanna, OH 43230
two boys playing on a wheelchair accessible merry go round at Sunpoint Park in Gahanna.

Within Sunpoint Park is a really incredible inclusive playground – Kaleidoscope Playground! There are fun activities for kids of all ability levels including wheelchair accessible play structures!

kaleidoscope playground at Sunpoint Park in Gahanna.

One of the newer parks in Gahanna, Sunpoint Park is a true gem for kids who might not be able to play on traditional playgrounds. Kids will also enjoy the hockey themed part of the park with larger than life sized hockey sticks to climb on!

two boys on a swing facing each other in Sunpoint Park in Gahanna.

There are some benches and seating areas that are covered here and restrooms are available.

wheelchair accessible glider at Sunpoint Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

3. Hannah Park

  • 6547 Clark State Rd., Gahanna, OH 43230
Hannah Park playground in Gahanna.

Hannah Park is probably the largest playground on this list (according to my untrained eye 😉 ). It includes play structures for older and younger kids and a wheelchair accessible glider. The tall, colorful flowers at the entrance make a whimsical addition to the playground!

people and kids on the playground at Hannah Park in Gahanna.

Hannah Park is also home to a story trail. Across from the playground there is a lake with a trail that includes a story. Walk from one display to the next to read the story! When we visited the story was about a young bee, but the story may change periodically.

two boys on the Story Trail at Hannah Park in Gahanna.

Hannah Park also has a really nice shelter that is available for rent!

4. Academy Park

  • 1201 Cherry Bottom Rd., Gahanna, OH 43230
play structure for older kids at Academy Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

At Academy Park in the northern part of Gahanna, you will be greeted by a large bumble bee! A sign next to the bee gives some educational facts about Honey Bees and honey as well as some tips for properly disposing of your litter in order to protect our local honey bees!

large metal honey bee structure in Academy Park in Gahanna.

Another fun feature of this park are the two dinosaurs that greet you at the entrance to the playground area! The playground has a large play structure with some tall and twisty slides. There is a tire swing, and a face-to-face swing so adults can face their infants when they swing.

kids playing on the playground at Academy Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

This park is part of the Big Walnut Trail that connects to the next playground on the list (Woodside Green Park). We did not walk the trail between the two, but Google maps tells me the the walk between the two parks is 18 minutes. (I’m sure that’s not toddler time.)

boy climbing on a playground structure at Academy Park in Gahanna.

5. Woodside Green Park

  • 213 Camrose Ct., Gahanna, OH 43230
natural play area at Woodside Green Park in Gahanna.

When my kids got out of the car at Woodside Green Park, they said, “Dude, this park is sick!” Which made me briefly consider that perhaps they are too old for playgrounds. 😉 But they weren’t wrong!

This is one of my favorite parks that we have visited in Gahanna! I liked it so much there’s a whole blog post about just this park: Woodside Green Park in Gahanna is Fun for Everyone!

tunnel in the natural play area at Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, Ohio.

Woodside Green Park has a lot of great features. First is the Natural Play Area which consists of logs, rocks, tunnels, wooden play structures and play houses! It’s a really great spot for kids to use their creativity and imagination!

play house and tree stumps in the natural play area at Woodside Green Park in Gahanna.

This park is also connected to The Big Walnut Trail. There are multipurpose trails within the park. We walked a path behind the Natural Play Area to a bridge over the Big Walnut Creek!

recently remodeled playground at woodside green in Gahanna, Ohio.

Woodside Green Park is also home to recently remodeled playground that includes swings and a slide and lots of areas for climbing. There is also a larger than life Cardinal, along the same lines as the Honey Bee at Academy Park! There is also a catch and release fishing pond in the park!

These are by no means all of the playgrounds and parks in Gahanna. Do you have a favorite that’s not listed here? Leave a comment below to share!

playgrounds in Gahanna, Ohio

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playgrounds and parks in Gahanna, Ohio.

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